3 Chapter 3 - It begins

"I've already kept this body alive through the torturous past. What do you say, hmm?"

He said it in such a way that sounded confident almost as if he was mocking her for cowardice, of which she had none. This woman would surely accept such an ideal benefit! Or so he thought.

Mina had noticed his tone, his provocative tone could make one grit their teeth. But unfortunately for him, she was not one that's easily provoked. Mian Le stood up and said,

"I refuse."

Speechless. The man was entirely speechless! How can one be so stupid as to refuse his offer! This woman must've been a fool. How can he be so unlucky to have saved a worthless fool..!

"W-What did you say?!? How can you not accept such a great deal?! Woman are you sure of what you're doing? To refuse to own a priceless treasure that only appears for one in a million is simply...absurd!"

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"Then I accept!"

Mina smirked. She hadn't a clue about what the jade pendant actually was, but now she knows that it's a treasure!

"Why won't-...wait you accept?"

The man was confused. This woman sure is bipolar! One moment she's refusing and the next she's accepting. Almost scared me to death, he thought.

"As I thought! You're not so stupid after all. At least you know the right choice. Now, you must make a contract with me, over there, on the table. Offer me a drop of blood."

Mian walked over calmly, a smirk was plastered on her face. She bit into her thumb and gave up a drop of blood.

Immediately, Mina felt refreshed. The lingering pain from past experiences faded away. As though it were never there. Her dark skin seemingly peeled off, revealing snow white skin. The dark raven hair that messily rested on the girl's shoulders were now flowing ever so gently behind her. Rosy lips and cheeks complimented her fair and delicate features. Anyone looking at the scene would have their souls captivated by the beauty.

A goddess? Immortal? Deity? No words could describe how beautiful she looked despite her being only 13 years of age!

Smirking, the young man said, "I can help you get vengeance upon those who have hurt you. I can even help you become the strongest being alive, but it'll take your cooperation."

"I see. Does this mean I can trust that you can change my appearance? Wouldn't want to attract attention so soon. Anyhow, I should get back to the Le mansion. I'm expecting...guests."

Le Mian had accepted her identity after entering this space somehow. Even though she has no recollection of what brought her to the room she woke up in. She knew it would definitely cause trouble for her and she was ready to take it head-on..