1 Chapter 1 - The Young Miss

"Did you hear? The second young miss of the Le family is not only a good-for-nothing but also licentious! I heard that she snuck out on in the middle of the family reunion to go meet a shady man! "

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"How audacious! Good thing our young master had annulled the engagement that was set between them!"

Chatter. Endless chattering and gossip could be heard. They all had one subject, and that subject was Le Mian. A young girl of 13 years whose cultivation was weaker than that of a lowly plant spirit. Born into a world that's greedy for power and wealth, she was shamed and publicly humiliated everywhere she went. With her dark skin and freckles, the only person that would have consideration of marrying her was Jue Ling the first young master of the prestigious Jue family. But it's all due to an arranged marriage made by her father. He was an all-powerful man who had the strength to topple mountains and drain oceans, and was the only who loved and wanted to protect her dearly, unfortunately, the heavens were jealous of such a great existence. He died at the age of just 31! Leaving behind his legacy to his only daughter, who turned out to be dumb and weak.

"Huh? Whom are they talking about? Argh! I have a major migraine..."

An Lee questioned without realizing her surroundings. She was laying on a bed in a small and dark room with very little furnishings. There was only a small round table with a chair next to it that was plain and dusty. On the bed was dusty and ragged sheets. Among what seems to be ancient antiques, was a jade pendant. It laid on the side of Lee's rock hard pillow.

"Where am I...? Damn, my head hurts. I need to find some medicine to ease the pain..."

A migraine was not what caused her pain, it was the rapid income of memories that did not belong to her. Scenes of a little girl being bullied, tormented and tortured played in her mind. One flashback was particularly disturbing, due to the fact that the girl had hung herself.

Her name, the poor girl's, was Le Mian....

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