1 Chapter 1: The Asteroid

A small town in Texas, a asteroid crashes to earth. Kate The local Geologist was studying these asteroids from space, and as it entered earth's atmosphere. So Kate went to the location that she had marked the asteroid to have landed. And when she got there, there was a huge crowd around this asteroid that had landed at the location, there were roughly around 10 to 20 people in this crowd. This crowd had consisted of college students, television reporters, and neighbors in the area. So when Kate arrived on the scene of where the asteroid had landed, she had automatically had went to her friend the college professor Jenny. Jenny had said to Kate that she had been trying to text her for an hour or two about the landing of the asteroid. Kate was so fast, and was in so much of an hurry that Kate had phone on vibrate and couldn't hear, or feel the phone vibrating in her pocket.

Jenny was telling Kate that she was teaching her 8am class when the asteroid had landed, and immediately, and discreetly as she could texted Kate, and like Jenny had said Kate wasn't picking up her cell phone. As soon as Jenny's students seen the asteroid they

all sprung out their seats and outside where the asteroid had landed. Also by the time Jenny had gotten outside with her students some of them were on their cell phones and spreading the word of the asteroid that had landed at the school. Jenny was trying to keep things confidential of what she & Kate had known. But while Jenny was trying to do that here comes to the Kate at a nick of time, and Jenny starts going a little insane here crazy, and excited at the same time while explaining everything to Kate. Kate calms Jenny down "Jen calm down there was nothing you could've done to prevent this happening. Let's just get everything together that we know but without given them anything that they want to know ok. πŸ˜‰" And Jenny agrees with Kate about there plan. So after everyone, and everything had settled down, Jenny and Kate had decided to finish off their day as normal as can be in this town which means a lot.

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