Memoirs of the Magic Swordsman Book

novel - Fantasy

Memoirs of the Magic Swordsman


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A world where people are able to take control of the elements and train in aura, comes the story of a boy who lost his entire clan at the mere age of 2. Saryn, brought up by a once wondering swordsman Rayus Delcroix, aspiring to be a warrior just like his old man ends up walking down a treacherous path once he learns that his family was murdered and plotted against by the very people they were protecting. Training with all his heart to avenge his clan and decide his own fate, Saryn chases after what little he can grasp in this thrilling yet adventurous tale. Join Saryn as he travels the continent in search of answers with nothing to accompany him but his sword. Confirmed 5 chapter/week. If I have time to I’ll drop bonus chapters no pre requisites as of yet! If you’d like to support me: https://www.patreon.com/FedNanders

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