Melting the Ice the Reveal the Purest Jade Book

novel - Fantasy

Melting the Ice the Reveal the Purest Jade


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The hero of the entire universe suddenly disappeared without leaving hints but after a few years, she is suddenly found in an unconscious state. It did not matter what people tried nothing seemed to work, not even gods were able to change that and gods decided to build something akin to a tomb to honor the hero who saved everyone humans, monsters, even gods worship her as their savior but the truth behind what happened remained unsolved until a certain goddess found her soul. I forgot the other account I put this story on so I could not post on that one :p *I found the picture on the internet if the creator wants me to delete it, just message me. (TAGS) Gender bender: just the prologue and a few chapters where she will dress as a male. Tragedy. Female lead. Strong lead (Overpowered)