1 The birth of Melladonia

I could sense the tense in King Fon's face. No matter what he thought he could not accept the fact that he could never live without his queen. Oh! Our queen Merca was the most beautiful lady in our Kingdom. She won our hearts and our beloved King's heart in the selection. Now she's about to give birth to a child. Oh! what was that new sound? Our queen had given birth to a girl. They named her Melladonia. She was really cute and was carefully taken care by the palace maids. This news spread like a wild fire. The people began celebrating her birthday in every nook and corner of the kingdom. People loved her because they knew that she would one day rule them all.

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Every year the King would allow a family from each province on her birthday to celebrate it with them. Her first birthday party was the one I could easily remember and can never forget. The palace was decorated with blue and pink satins and flowers. It was really a feast for our eyes. The King and the queen stood really majestic. Melladonia was wearing a deep blue and a little pale pink frock. She was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.