Mei Ling : Peerless Beauty's Seduction Book

novel - Romance

Mei Ling : Peerless Beauty's Seduction


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Mei Ling was intelligent and a beauty even in her previous life. It was just that she was academic-smart and not life-smart at all! She spent all her life studying and didn't focus on anything else. However, she did read manga and webnovels describing how the female lead would have men wrapped around her fingers. The problem was, when boys talked to her she would have such a beating heart and talk as little as possible to hide her shyness. The boys thought she was aloof and rude instead, so they shortly stopped approaching her! When she found out she had such an impression of others, she got tired of being "aloof" and wanted to be able to live a life with friends she would be able to talk with everyday and not stress about grades. Most of all, she wanted to be just like those female leads! Oh! Her jealousy toward's those females with many suitors at her sides! Deciding it was time to be brave for once, she decided to talk to a male she knew, the class president! Seeing him across the street, she was so excited she forgot to wait for the lights to turn green! And...was hit by a truck! Now, we all understand what comes next right? She gets reborn! And not only that, she gains a love system where she has to gain the hearts of men!