1 Chapter 1

Being single has its advantages; you do what you want when you want and you don’t have to think about other people’s feelings and what their desires are, so it was with hesitation that I began a new relationship.

I met Sonja at a hen’s night. A friend from work, Gina, was getting married, and as soon as I laid eyes on Sonja I knew how much I wanted her. There was something about her, a freshness in the way she spoke and acted. She seemed to be happy with herself and wasn’t putting on a show for anyone.

Her laugh was natural, her eyes sparkling as she tossed back her head, and I think it was that which drew me to her. I studied her as she spoke. I liked the attentiveness she showed, she seemed truly interested in whatever it was the other was saying.

She was everything I’d been searching for and more.

But did she want me?

Now with that came the fear of rejection. None of us like it, but being a lesbian makes it even more difficult since approaching another woman isn’t as easy as you may think. This fortunately was taken out of my hands as Sonja and I ended up being paired in a game where you had to be tied together in a race.

It was a silly game but gave us the opportunity to feel each other up. I loved the way her hand held the small of my back as we stood tied together, and when we ran our bodies crashed and stumbled before we toppled over laughing at our own clumsiness.

When neither of us complained it was quickly assumed we were both interested, so afterwards while we were having a few drinks and relaxing I asked her if she’d like to catch up one day for dinner.

To my great relief she said yes, and that’s how it all began.

We met at a restaurant of my choosing. It was quaint with dim lighting, a fire in the hearth, and soft music being piped through. The food was always magnificent, the wine to my liking, and the staff were respectful and discreet.

Seeing her again had my stomach fluttering in expectation. Her blond hair framed her beautiful face, her lips seemed to have a continual pout which gave them a very sexual appeal, but it was her eyes, blue and sparkling, the sort of eyes you could drown yourself in, which were one of her best features.

We talked about many things and eventually we discussed old relationships. If I had any doubts before about her sexuality they were now gone. She was open and so easy to talk to and I thought she was definitely going to be the one for me.

“So how long have you been single?” I asked.

“Almost a year,” she said. “You?”

“To be honest, the longest I’ve been in a relationship is three months. I always seem to pick the wrong girl. The ones I’ve been with have been too demanding. At first I thought it was me but Gina convinced me the ones she’d met were not to her liking, that some she felt were only after my money and prestige.”

“Really? What do you do?” she asked.

“I’m a lawyer.”

“Oh,” she said apologetically. “I thought you were a receptionist.”

We laughed and I was pleased we had my job out of the way. At least she liked me for myself, and when I’d quizzed Gina about her she’d said Sonja was down to earth and trustworthy. Neither of us were pretentious so we were already off to a good start.

“Gina said you were a sculptress.”

“Yes I am,” she said almost shyly.

“I must admit I know nothing about art.”

“What’s to know? You like a piece and you buy it as far as I’m concerned.”

“What type of figures do you do?”

“Mostly nudes.”

She flushed under my arched eyebrow.


“Yes. I don’t usually like telling people when I first meet them as they seem to form an opinion about me because of it.”

“That’s ridiculous, why should they?”

“Some people are threatened by anything to do with the body especially when it’s naked,” she said seriously.

“You really believe that?”

“Without a doubt, their perception of me is that I’m doing something sexual not artistic.”

“Well, now I’m intrigued. You must show me one day.”

“I’d love to, anytime.”

The waiter brought our dessert and we settled down into a comfortable silence. I glanced at her as she ate, loving the way she’d take the spoon to her mouth and slowly release the contents onto her palate. There was something very sensual about the way she did it and I found myself imagining her mouth on me.

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