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Meeting Him Again


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Alice is turning 25. She is a loving girl with a flawless family. Money? Happiness? She has everything that people could only dream of. But there is one thing she's missing in her life... the boy she vowed she would marry when they both grow up. Liam Mason is the most youthful billionaire. Bring him any project, and he would succeed. He is also the cruellest and the most inhuman person ever until a misfortune happens, but will this calamity be a disaster, or will it be the thing that brings him what he wanted his entire life? What will happen when Liam comes back with the marriage contract? Will she accept him even though she feels he has changed a lot?? DON'T COPY ANYTHING IN THIS BOOK. I WROTE IT MYSELF. Also, I give all praise of the cover to the owner of the cover!! I DON'T own this cover!! I did all the editing myself! I hope you enjoy reading this. and I hope you guys will be with me through this journey. Lots of Love:))) FAHHZ


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