1 Kick Out

Outside the dormitory, two big suitcases were thrown out with a big loud thump. "Leave right now. We don't need someone like you that would ruin our reputation." Zhang Ke Yi got pushed out her own dormitory with her guitar in her back. The door slams right in front of her, and she shifted backward. Everyone who came out their room to watch the show, slowly went back inside their room closing their doors.

She tries to hold in her tears, and picks up her two suitcases. But one of the tears couldn't hold back, and starts rolling down her eyes. Ke Yi wipes it away with her hand, and starts walking out the dormitory building with her suitcases.

"Look at who this is? She's the one that murdered her own biological parents, and now her adoptive parents even kicked her out," one of the girl said it loud enough for Zhang Ke Yi to hear.

"She even have the gut to stay here. She should leave Music A University. I don't even get why the President is still allowing her to stay," another girl said.

Zhang Ke Yi who heard everything didn't fight back. She tightens her fist, and just keep walking.

"Oh sister." Lin Li who is her adoptive parents' biological daughter, and her biological parents that raised her for 19 years. "Dad told me to tell you that he has already move your name from our ancestry book. You're not gonna be part of the Zhang's family anymore. This is all your documents after being remove from our family." Zhang Ke Yi looks at the document bag that Lin Li is holding. Zhang Ke Yi really didn't know why god would play around with her like this. She was planning to go back and would explain everything to them. But they didn't even give her a chance to do it. She called them dad and mom for 19 years, and now because of one thing they are kicking her out? Why are they not giving her another chance? Another chance for her to explain? She didn't poison her own biological parents. Why can no one trust her. As she was about to reach the documents from Lin Li, Lin Li purposely drops the documents. "Oops sorry sis. It slips out from my hand."

Zhang Ke Yi painfully smirks. She bends down and picks up the document.

"Thank you for bringing me this. And thank you for kicking me out the Zhang's family." Zhang Ke Yi has finally know how dark side this person is. How she could do anything to take back her spot that once belongs to her. Ke Yi is not mad nor angry. She will make sure everything that she once have will slowly come back to her.

Zhang Ke Yi smiles, and starts walking away from Lin Li.

"Zhang Ke Yi I'm telling you, you won't be able to live without the help of our family!" as Lin Li yells.

Zhang Ke Yi stops, and turns around.

"Oh really? Then we will see."

Zhang Ke Yi's words has made Lin Li very angry, and she stomps away.


Outside the school gate, Ke Yi reach inside her pocket and takes out a key. Two weeks ago, when she found out that she wasn't the Zhang's family child, she starts searching for her own biological parents. But two days ago, when she found them they were at the verge of dying. She didn't know who did it, but they just told her don't take revenge and just live in a peaceful live.

"We are really sorry that we can't take care of you. Please don't hate us." Lin Da You who is Ke Yi's biological father looks at her saying it, and stuffed a letter into her hand. Before Ke Yi could say anything both of them died. Then suddenly the door opens, and Lin Li walked in with her adoptive parents.

"Zhang Ke Yi! How can you do that? How can you kill your own parents? Just because you don't want to go back and live with them, you shouldn't kill them!" Lin Li then started crying while holding them in her arms. As Zhang Ke Yi wanted to explain what happened, Zhang Zhen the father hits her on the face. "I'm so disappointed in you. I can't believe you would do this!"

And from that day on, the news spreads so fast. They wouldn't even give her a chance to explain, and framed her for something she didn't do.

Standing outside the school gate with both suitcases next to her, she takes out her phone and calls a taxi. There's not a place that she can't go to.

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