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Mediocre Master


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Girl:" Do you love me?" MC:" Yes. I love you very much." Girl:" How much?" MC:" I will kill anyone who tries to separate us. Even if it is God." Girl:" Good I have not chosen incorrectly. Now I know I have not told you my complete background, the reason is that I am the daughter of The Celestial Emperor. I was already engaged to be married to the Fire Emperor even before I was born. I don't like the marriage, so I ran away and finally met you. Please kill the Fire Emperor and convince my father for marriage." MC:"..." "......" "........" "I don't know who you are. I am already deeply in love with my neighbor's daughter. Good bye" MC decisively turns away. Girl:"....." This is not a story where the MC is invincible, arrogant, ruthless, righteous, face slapping everyone, having women falling around him like leaves in autumn season. This is the story of an MC who is calm, collected, always weighs pros and cons, does not act on his emotions totally unlike MCs from other novels. This is my first novel and I am writing this as a way to express my imagination into suitable words so that any person who is reading my words can subconsiously view the exact scene which I have wanted to express through words. The language may be a bit unrefined and the release times vary but please bear with it. I may also change the originally published chapters if they were found lacking.


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