"Gavin… why don't to listen to me? I am telling you something" Chris to Gavin who was busy listening to music sitting on a bench in the school playground.

"Gavin!!!" Chris shakes Gavin's arm and pulled out his earplugs.

"What??" Gavin yelled getting annoyed as his friend keep on nagging him. "Chris, what is it? Can't you see I am listening to music here? Don't you have something useful to do?"

"Gavin…I… I am just telling you about…" Chris stuttered being nervous.

Gavin interrupted Chris while getting frustrated and he yelled. "LOOK! CHRIS I AM NOT IN THE MOOD TO LISTEN TO YOUR USELESS NONSENSE.SO PLEASE SPARE ME FROM YOUR TALK" Everyone looked in their direction hearing Gavin's loud voice. Gavin stood up and walked out of there leaving Chris in tears. Chris tried to control his tears as Gavin left. Chris was in pain and wanted someone to talk to but when his only best friend refused to listen to him. His heart broke.

Actually, Gavin was having his own struggles. Early in the morning, he heard his parents fighting. His dad asked for a divorce. He never thought that this day would come. His parents have been a perfect couple. Their family was perfectly fine no matter how he looks at it. He never thought that something was going on. Gavin loves his parents a lot. He didn't want them to separate at any cost. but seeing them fighting, he felt like he was living in illusion till now. An illusion of being part of a perfect and happy family. The mere thought of it hit him hard. that how delusional he was.

till now Gavin has been living a perfect life. Chris and mild are his best friend, since kindergarten. They shared their every sorrow and happiness with each other but Mild moved to another city three years ago. They contacted mild for like a year but lost touch as their life got busy with study and exams. So, Gavin and Chris have been together since then. Their bond has been stronger, since then. Now, Gavin has upset his best friend by yelling over him.

Gavin is annoyed and frustrated by his own actions toward Chris. He cursed himself for acting like that to Chris instead of yelling at him. if he talked to him about what was going on with him things might have been not like this.

After walking out from Chris when Gavin reaches his class, he realized what a**hole he has been to Chris. Gavin runs back to where he left Chris. But Chris was not there Gavin slapped his head and whisper to himself "I am sorry… Chris for being a**hole…".

Later he went to class, waiting for Chris. But Chris never showed up. He kept staring at the class entrance hoping when Chris walks in he will immediately apologize to him. but now, he is more worried about where Chris is?

He went to his class in charge and ask about Chris's whereabouts.

"Teacher, have you seen Chris. he is not in class and his bag is also here," Gavin asked in a worried voice.

"Oh, he was sick so his dad came to pick him up. He said he will pick up his bag tomorrow and rushed to go home." The teacher said.

Hearing that Gavin got more worried "sick? But he was fine before. How come? What happened to him?"

"I don't know the details but he was sick and went back home. now go back to your class." the teacher makes him go back to his class.

Gavin was now confused and worried and moreover, now he realized, maybe Chris was trying to tell him earlier that he was sick. He slapped his own face to punish himself for being a bad friend. "Ouch!!!" he felt pain from his own hand slapping hard his cheek then he murmured to himself "you deserve it a**hole".

After school ended, he went to Chris's home. He reached Chris home, he knocked on the main door and a few seconds later his father opened the door "oh hey! Gavin. Come on in. how you are son?".

"I am good. uncle, how are you?" Gavin replied as he entered the door.

"I am fine as well. You must be here to see, Chris. He is in his room. he was really feeling sick and he didn't look well. So, he is resting. Go ahead".

"But uncle he was fine in the morning" Gulf asked.

"I don't know myself. When the school called me, I was shocked as well but I guess he was feeling unwell for the last few days. Because he was really inactive for the last few days. Not eating well. Rushing out early in the morning. I don't know what is going on with him."

Just then gulf realized, Chris has been zoning out for the last few days but he kept on smiling so he never bothers much by it. 'What a bad friend you are Gavin' Gavin thought to himself.

"Okay, uncle I check on him." Saying that Gavin gives him a smile and step towards Chris's room.

Chris's father went to the kitchen to get the boys something to eat. Gavin went towards Chris's room. He knocked on the door "hey! Chris… I know… I have been a**hole. please forgave me". He waited for the reply but there was no response. He knocked again "Chris I am sorry…pleeeeeease....." he tried his cute tone to apologize but still so the response from the other side of the door.

Waiting for like 5 min he decided to go in. He put his hand on the door handle and realized it was open, he decided to go in. Gavin opened the door and he entered the room his whole being shook in a moment. He screamed Chris's name out loud "CHRISSSSS…!!!"

Chris was hanging to the ceiling with a rope around his neck.

Hearing Gavin's scream, Chris's dad came running into the room. his body froze seeing the scene before him.

Gavin fainted looking at an unpredictable nightmare and everything blackout before his eyes…

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