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All my life I have had to deal with my stuck up parents, I have never felt love, or sympathy, my parents don't care about me at all, in fact they once said to my face that they should have gotten a abortion, and only because I'm Emo, and their to "Elegant". I am literally the definition of Failure, to my parents. I just want someone to hug me when I'm upset and tell me it's okay, a shoulder to cry on, a-a boy, I want a boyfriend, but my parents treated me like I'm not good enough, and thats why I don't have a boyfriend, because of that I now believe them and I now cut myself. My parents put me in a school with dorms, it's called hell. Not actually but I don't know how to pronounce it. And I still cut myself, I brought a Pocket knife that I hide in my desk in my dorm room by my bed. And before you think it's a school for bad kids, it's nothing like that, It's a school for kids that are talented...The only thing my parents where proud of. My vocals.

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