2 Chapter 1 The blackout

As I wake up my eyes are blury, I rub my eyes and look over at the clock, but it's off. I realize I'm really sweaty, My fan is off, and so is everything else. I go into the nightstand drawer and dig for the flashlight. Once I find it I turn it on and go out into the living room. I hear my boy Roomate Zack wake up, he comes out with his top off, and in shorts. He is literally ripped, even his legs are strong as F**ck! I smirk, but turn the other way head into the kitchen trying not for him to see my dirty ass smirk.

" Hannah? Don't they have a generator?" Zack asks. I turn to him. " I don't know, if they don't there retarded!" I say. Zack goes past me and accidentally brushes my arm. My heart starts racing as he squats down looking into the small fridge. " What if the power has been out for a while, the food will make you sick!" I say worriedly.

" Don't worry about it, I haven't gotten sick in like two hundred years!" He says, then immediately gets up, both our eyes are widen. " W-What do you mean two hundred years!" I say kind of scared, I believe in Demons and Vamires, so it kind of freaked me out. "Forget I said anything!" All the sudden the lights turn back on. " Oh yay!" He says trying to advoide the subject. He tries to get past me but I grab the back of his neckless and pull him back. "Zack!" I yell. " If I will be living with you for a few years I would like to not be scared of you!" I yell again. " Zack...Are you Immortal?" I ask. He looks to the ground. " Hannah, I-I'm a Demon!" My eyes widen when the words come out of his mouth. " PROVE IT!" I yell, he turns into a dark shadow, in the shape of a human. I back up, as he turns back into a human.

" Hannah are you okay?"

" I-I can't believe I liked you." I mutter under my breath. His eyes widen, my cheeks turn red when I realized he heard me. " Y-You liked me?!?!" He asks confused.

"NO!" I quickly respond and put my hands over my face. He laughs a little bit then walks towards me. He grabs my wrists and pulls my hands away. " I-I can't like a demon." I say looking at the floor. He kisses my cheek. " Why, it'll be an adventure." He says smiling. I get even more shy, my heart starts racing as he leans into me. His lips crash on mine, his hands slid down to my waist.

The intercom turns on, Zack pulls away and we both listen in. " Hello Students, Due to todays black out there will be no classes, the generator is old and we don't know how long the lights will stay back on with it." Zack goes into his room, Zacks stuff starts getting thrown all over his room. I head to him and go in.

" What are you doing!" I yell at him.

" Well...I have 5 lanterns that we can put up, we will just have to use a flashlight to see how to turn them on if the power goes back out Though. But i I can't find them!" He says. I go to the other side of his bed and open his closet. " Zack, they're right there."

" Well then!" He says like he is mad at me. He grabs them, he puts one in my room, in the bathroom, in his room, in the kitchen, and the living room.

The lights start to flicker on and off. After a few seconds of that, they shut off completely. Zack feels his way around and turns on every lantern, its not bright but we can still see. I walk into my room and lay on my bed, I grab my laptop and start doing my homework. Zack walks in and sighs. " Come on, don't do homework, the power is out, what if your laptops battery goes out, you won't be able to finish!" He says trying to get me to put it away. " Yeah but I ha-" He cuts me off. " No you don't, come on, the powers out and the lanterns creat a romantic lighting." He sits on the bed next to me and shuts my laptop. "Hmph. Fine!" He smiles brightly and kisses my head.