1 Driver without pay

And here I am in my daily routine, my terrible and boring daily routine, well I think many of them. Go to high school 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and a weekend that goes at the speed of light.

Anyway they question me for being a bit antisocial I would say too much and it is not for being dramatic, literally it is, and I don't blame them.

They have rung the bell to enter the last hours of classes for Morpheus's subject, many call it physics, on the other hand, after lunch, a not so wonderful summer but far from this shit, because it is difficult to be a normal person and that don't just think about sleeping. Although I have considered improving my academic index since it is my last year and in the previous ones it has been terrible, but there is still something that prevents me # 1 I love to sit in the last chair, I love to be alone and quiet before spending my time and saliva with these idiots, although I do not talk to anyone whenever they say something, my brain works together with my eyes and I give them a myriad of shit, and well I'm here drawing.

-Miss Crome, attend the class, what are you doing?

-Nothing teacher, it will not happen again, I roll my eyes and refrain from listening, without needing to grasp whatever he is saying.

And blah blah blah these 3 hours were eternal at last the exit bell rings and more or less because the four-eyed daughter of Eistein was going to leave homework.

I ride my motorcycle and I'm on my way home, today I'm going to be home late more than ever, luckily my parents are traveling because of work, anyway I'm in the workshop signing some papers, accompanied by an idiot, a child who Leagues are believed and egocentric, he has a good car, you can see that his family is wealthy, and he's great, if he's great, "calm down and girl I already found out he's great, anyway that idiot just ran me over. My A beautiful motorcycle is here for 2 or 3 days here, but at least I will have to travel in a luxurious car and a stranger who does not look bad "I wonder if he knows that it looks so good" I imagine, with such character.

A slightly uncomfortable journey without speaking words I only looked through the rear-view of my window, but I managed to see how she looked at me and returned her gaze to the road, I will not deny that it was thanks to looking at her reflection

- It is here "and with nothing lower", I did not want to say anything more and even if I tried it would have been impossible, I remained static watching that car with that beautiful boy who at least I will see for 3 days until they fix my motorcycle if that His punishment will be "driver without pay" for three days and I don't believe it but he should do the least after almost making me a toast.- "Uhs" I managed to see how he looked at me through the rear-view mirror. With your hand in the baby dough.

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