Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World! Book

novel - Fantasy

Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World!

Wait For Takeoff

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"In the Year 2030, a plague spread throughout the globe, turning most humans into zombies. Naturally, as a weakling, I turned into one as well, a weak one at that. I could never overpower a living human, nor have I taken a bite of human flesh. Now, even my mind was starting to go blank. I stared at the living muscular human standing in front of me with a huge RPG over his shoulder, and I thought my zombie life was going to end at that moment. Without any warning, a green light shot out from the cloud and enveloped me. Everything started to turn black after that. When I opened my eyes once again, I was already in an unknown world. In front of me stood an idiot who proclaimed himself as a necromancer. I glared at his tasty flesh and charged at the necromancer without any hesitation. At first, I thought it would be a harsh battle between him and me, but, unexpectedly, the necromancer was even weaker than me. After indulging in the necromancer’s brain, information appeared inside my head. [Notes of the necromancer’s growth] [Records of the Mysterious Nolan Continent] [My life with the Holy Church’s saint] … This is a story of the growth of a weak zombie…


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