32 Chapter 1

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"Commander, we seem to have encountered a roadblock of some sort.."

[Bzzt- Idiot, I told you taking the route through the dunes was a bad idea. What is it? Sandstorm? Landslide? Gas leak?]

"Uh….. We seemed to have encountered a stampede of some sort. They are… Camels?"

[Bt- Are you trying to lie!? What really happened! I will have a bullet in your head if you are lying….]

"N-no! Commander! Sir! There is truly a pack of camels heading our way! Please!"

[Bz- Seriously….. You are playing a dangerous game here. If the shipment is late, the leader will have all of us shot….]

Sand and dust blew through the air, and the sky above was a purple-blue color, the sun rising from the east slowly. Rocky hills and loaming sandy hills covered the expanse, painting the landscape a clay-orange color.

In the midst of this expanse, a caravan of ragged dirt-tread trucks and other vehicles had stopped. Standing about the convoy of sorts, were many cloth-garbed men. They were burly and stout, their faces sunburned and tanned by the sun, mostly sporting old wounds and scars upon their face. And then, there were the weapons. They held old metal Kalashnikovs, their barrels rusted and worn.

But the strangest thing was the expression on their faces. A mix of rambling and confusion spread through the armed individuals as they watched a group of lumbering organisms approach.

Humped and covered with fur, they had extended slightly bulbous snouts and worn humps upon their backs. Legs stiff like timber, they lazily edged forwards toward the convoy. Camels, from the likes of it. But that wasn't the only thing perplexing. You see, in the midst of the fifty or so majestic creatures, a tall lanky man stood on one of the bigger creatures' backs.

He was pale-faced and slim, dressed in a pair of old beige military cargo pants and a sleek black-leather trench coat. A thin metal bracelet hung from his neck, and he had black ear piercings. He was quite stunning to look at, with unblemished chalk-white skin and a slim crow-tip nose.

His jaw was bold and sharp, with an arrogant smirk atop his chapped lips. He had almond-shaped eyes, an unnatural speckled-gold, filled with arrogance and laziness. His hair was a tinted red-brown, curling about in a wild bush-like manner, a sweeping side-bang covering his right eye.

Raising his long nimble fingers, he stretched from side to side, cracking his neck. And then, he spoke, looking up into the early morning sky as he did so. "Hello everybody~ I can't understand you guys, and you guys can't understand me. So, I'll keep this simple. Since I'm an all-glorious hero and whatnot, I am about to beat the living sh*t out of all of you. Comprehende?"

Knowing how hypocritical his statement was, Tobias Macguire smiled, pulling a pair of ink-black aviator gloves over his fingers. Twisting his back and stretching his feet out, he suddenly leaped off the back of the camel in a glorious leap.

Twirling in midair, he landed gracefully in front of one of the cloth-garbed men. Smiling, he tapped the man on the nose, before punching him in the gut.


It was a crippling blow as the man slammed into the side of one of the trucks, toppling the vehicle on its side.

"Aargh! Open fire!"



Machine gun fire broke out as sparks and bullets flew across the battlefield. Tobias stepped about, the bullet traces flying inches away from his face, yet never making impact.

"We can't have a civil argument, I guess. But then again, I was the one who started this. My bad, really, my bad~" His elbow slamming down on a man's head, he flipped from side to side, evading the gunfire with the grace of a cat.

Running forwards at the speed of a sprinting cheetah, he grabbed another convoy member by the throat, his iron grip crushing the man's neck, blood spurting about. As he kicked aside the corpse, he noticed out of the corner of his eye, the glint of something copper.


"Missile Incoming…." Doing a fancy quadruple corkscrew with ease, he twisted back, a burning rocket exploding behind him.

Sand and charred debris flying about, Tobias looked behind him, raising an eyebrow, before returning his attention to the current display. With a snap of his finger, a grey web-like substance shot from his hand, glowing a red hue.


Swinging his hand, the web attached to the side of a large painted brown van, flipping it over as he wreaked havoc upon the enemy. His arm spun as he used it like an oversized flail, the enemy seeing nothing but a blur of brown and grey before they were sent flying, skeleton's crushed by the pure impact of the vehicle.


Raising it up in one final blow, he brought his hand down, the van coming to the ground and exploding into red-orange flames. By now, half of the attackers had perished, with most choosing to flee back or take cover.

Grabbing a straggler by his head, he threw some dirt into the man's eye, causing the guy to scream in discomfort. Wrestling the gun out of his arms, Tobias bent down as the cloth-garbed enemy attempted to step back.

"How'd that get in there? You know, dirt can be really irritating to one's eyes. By the way, nice gun you got here.~ Since you won't be around for much longer, I guess I'll liberate it from your hands. Thanks, buddy. I'll give you a proper send-off." Standing back up straight, Tobias aimed the assault rifle down and pressed the trigger.


Cartridges spilled across the ground as he fired down point-blank. The man screamed for a split second, before collapsing, completely dead. As a pool of blood formed, Tobias slung the gun over his shoulder.


As he made his move to finish off the stragglers, suddenly, the sound of a loud gun bellowed throughout the desert. A piercing long bullet blasted from the sniper's rifle, its golden glow flashing in the sun as it sped towards Tobias's head.

And then, it made contact. Dust blasted about as the bullet made an impact, the sniper snapping the bolt back. The cloth-garbed man swept some sweat off his face, staring through the scope. The dust cleared, and instead of the dead pulp of a body he had expected, there…. Was nothing.

"What….?" Looking about, the sniper moved his gun about, barrel pointing about, before he noticed something. From just in front of him, a smoking red-hot bullet dropped to the ground just in front of him.

Slowly turning, he scrambled back in terror. In front of him, Tobias Macguire stood there, smiling.

"You're trash."


The last thing he saw was a flying black fist.

Making his way back through the devastated convoy, Tobias Macguire hummed a little, snapping his fingers as he went. Combat boots crunching on gravel, he stepped in front of a truck. Grabbing the side of its large cargo, he directly ripped the steel wall off, throwing it across the dune with perpetual ease.

Looking inside, he whistled. "Good riddance~ Whaddya know? Hit the motherload this time. Those other losers only had what, like ten revolvers or some crap?"

Inside the truck, were large barrels of ammo among other things in jungle-green crates, along with other boxes filled with things such as AK-47s, grenades, and M249s, among other weapons of mass destruction.

Searching about, he picked out a few grenades, throwing them into his pocket. And then, he simply left the ruined battlefield, leaving the destroyed vehicles to burn away.

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