MCU: I am 05-1

a man gets sucked into the MCU during a multiverse collapse and told that he has become the new 05 for the SCP Foundation, the only thing... it doesn't exist yet. so the question is, is he up for the task?

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28 Chs

Chapter 1

I had the weirdest dream. I was floating through darkness moving for what seemed an eternity. my consciousness moved forward, or perhaps sideways and backward. I didn't quite know. suddenly in the distance, a small sphere appeared, it seemed to be growing rapidly, no not growing. I was getting closer, and approaching rapidly. suddenly it was in front of me, crossing my arms to lessen the impact I felt... nothing, odd the sphere seemed solid. now the space I was in was decidedly less empty, countless spheres and lines surrounded me, sometimes a new line would fracture from a sphere and another sphere would appear at the end, other times parts of the lines and spheres would disappear completely between one second and the next. suddenly I made contact with one, and everything went dark.

I unexpectedly found myself in the middle of the road, my clothes, if you could still call them that, were shredded to pieces, barely hanging by mere threads in most places. disoriented by the sudden lights and sound after a seemingly infinite darkness. car horns sounded as I stumbled to the sidewalk.

how did I get here, I went to bed while camping in the mountains of Ohio, and now I was stumbling through some large city. a voice sounded out behind me "in today's news, the police failed to apprehend the culprits of one of the largest bank heists to date, the five suspects were seen fleeing the scene at high speed as our incompetent police force gave chase for....." The voice trailed off as I slowly turned, the ringing in my head grew louder as I stared at the large screen depicting J. Jonah Jameson on another one of his slanderous rants.

okay, I'm in Marvel, that's terrible. depending on the universe I'd be fine, or dead in twenty seconds without even realizing it. I took a moment, before discerning I was decidedly not dead, to my knowledge, and began searching what was left of my clothes. I had no wallet, but my car keys were there, although seeing as how it was probably still an entire universe or even multiverse away, they were as useful as a humidifier underwater.

it's fine, as long as I could survive, I could thrive, too many nights I had spent reading and watching everything Marvel, that I could probably navigate it blindfold.

[Good thing you don't have to]

errr, aren't voices in your head the first or second sign of insanity? welp, if I'm already schizophrenic, this isn't a great start.

[Host shows no sign of schizophrenia, I am the SCP Foundation Overseer System, and you have been chosen as the next 05-1 to build the SCP foundation here in the Marvel Universe designation Universe-199999 otherwise known as the MCU.]

but, the MCU doesn't have SCPs, I think there'd be at least one story for that, and am I supposed to try to contain the Hulk, Dr. Strange, or Wanda? yeah right, what am I supposed to do, wave them towards a cell threateningly, good luck with that plan any one of them could squash me to powder with minimal effort.

[while that is currently true Host, as my wielder you have access to anomalous abilities and items through the system shop when you unlock it and you will be the sole leader of the SCP Foundation provided that you set it up properly. as for SCPs in the MCU, due to a multiverse collapse several of the SCPs have found themselves here, so the Creator has selected your soul as the most knowledgeable about the MCU among your world, which was destroyed in the collapse]

okay, got it, my world is gone, this world got invaded, and my job is to contain the invasion from other worlds. sounds like the hardest piece of cake ever. "okay so how do I unlock the system" I inquired.

[simple, you need to designate a place to establish your first containment site

Mission Received

Directive 1- establish a secure location for your first containment site

additional information- your site will automatically be protected from satellite detection. when you begin operation you will earn system points that can be used in the shop, however, system points will be deducted for site maintenance and operations depending on the distance from necessities that need to be provided, these deductions can be reduced by finding a way to provide such things as satellite protection, electricity, water, and building materials for maintenance without system help.]

so I needed a secure location that was close enough to major necessities to not drive the price of maintenance too high, or I'd fail as I had nothing in containment and thus no influx of points to support it. "can I make it underground? maybe inside the sewers?"

[this would be plausible, however, casualties resulting from a containment breach would result in points being deducted]

okay, so a minimum security facility, I can handle that. I approached a nearby sewer grate and climbed down. the smell would take some getting used to, wonder if there are giant turtles down here. I headed as deep into the sewers as I could until I found what seemed to be a dead end, "system, designate the wall in front of me as the entrance to Site MU-01" I spoke, immediately the wall began to glow blue before a large vault door with the SCP symbol in the background with the designation I set in bold letters at the forefront.

[Congratulations on your first containment site, you have been awarded 2000 System Points, the Shop Feature, Ability: Examine, The new site has been fully staffed with class 1 workers and security.

Note: research staff produced by the system are incapable of free thought outside of research and can only follow direct commands and preset protocols, it is advised to recruit native researchers for increased performance, it is noted that by increasing levels you can improve basic researchers to increase their performance as well

Security staff have better AI however they will still be a mark or two below a fully trained native military, you can set up training sites to increase their level, but security staff cannot leave the facility they are designated no matter their level

Site maintenance for MU-01 will cost 500 credits per month for standard maintenance and upkeep, thank you for your service

You have obtained the title 05-1]