5 Chapter 5: Fury’s bad day

It was a law of the universe that when things were going well for a while, soon they would turn bad. A person that has had no car accidents, will have a higher chance to be in car accident every day. A healthy man had a bigger chance to get sick at every passing day. A dormant volcano had a progressively higher chance of awakening the more time it slept.

Fury's day had followed that law to the last letter. It began almost perfect, with a cup of excellent latte and promising updates from SHIELD's several projects. Project Insight was finally approved, SHIELD's operations were like a well-oiled machine and there wasn't a threat in sight; even Stark was behaving lately, which was, frankly, a marvelous and surprising event. That man was a goddamn headache, if there was a chance fury could strangle him; he would, Political backlash be damned.

But he had to admit, the guy was a genius and he was also getting into weapons sector soon. He truly hoped that Tony was as smart as Howard.

Of course all that had been ruined by a report he gotten. Apparently in the backyard of queens, in the most influential city's of the United States of America's, there was an unregistered weapons test. Now normally this would be a case of all the smaller agencies like the CIA,FBI. No, what got his intention was that a 12 million dollar satellite was destroyed and according to the shield tech division; it was destroyed by something that had speed of sound and had the temperature of over 2000 degrees.

Fury looked at the last few seconds of the satellite footage. The video was edited to be over 1000 times slower and then he saw it, 2 crimson red beams of destruction heading to satellite.

They went through the satellite like a hot knife through butter.

They were able to track the trajectory of the beams to New York, queens. But they weren't able to get the exact location.

Fury understood the implications of this. Something or someone had power to do this, and he hoped it was the first and prayed it was not the last.

Someone with the ability to fire such powerful beams would be devastating. That's not even considering if he had some more abilities right?

———-Back to Mc————————————-

I looked back at Sister Mary, who was staring at me.

You see, when I came back to the orphanage. I got an earful from sister Mary; apparently I was missing for 3 hours and they even called the police to see if I was kidnapped.

You can say that it was not pretty, she came at me ferociously like a tiger that founds it prey. I got grounded for 2 weeks, and of course I snuck out at night and got back in the morning.

It was exhausting, yep even though I have all the powers of superman I do not have his solar reserves.

I am thinking that the only way I was able to even do all the stuff I did yesterday was that maybe it was using all the solar radiation I have absorbed since I was born. It just came rushing out in a wave.

Again the science behind that, just doesn't add up. I was a regular human, we don't absorb solar radiation. So unless I can get me a microscope, I do not know what the hell happened.

Even then doing what I did would have fizzed me out, if I didn't go fly to the sun yesterday.

I still can't believe why superman never thinker about going near the sun and getting a boost of power.

I can actually feel the amount of solar reserves I possess. They are like an ocean full of rays of light, flying to sun even though I was like 50,000 kilometers away gave me enough power to last 3 months to do any solar energy attacks.

That's right you have heard right, solar energy attacks

Has anyone ever wondered why most if not all versions of superman don't use heat vision very much. Superman is known as the Man of steel, his iconic superpowers are mostly Super strength, flight and Durability. But people rarely talk about his ability to fire red beams of death.

The reason is that except for the Most powerful Superman, who is Superman one million. No Superman ever tried to expand on their powers or increase their solar reserves. Even the so-called evil MasterMind supermen in the DC multiverse never tried to that.

That's because if they did then they would realize that they can become much more powerful and red suns affect them less and less .

Kal-el just took his gifts for granted, even when he discovered green kryptonite and the red sun. He still didn't try to do something and what pisses me off is that the intellect I have right now is off the literal charts. I literally solved the cure of cancer and leukemia with just a few minutes of thinking about it.

I get that becoming a journalist was his passion and all, but damn, he could have been raking in millions if he decided and any other job. Doctors,lawyers, hell even a politician.

One look at the library and there you have it people the best at his field.

Anyways by solar energy attacks, I meant that the sun is a source of life and destruction.

Without the sun we would wither in the cold, we would starve and eternal darkness would plague the earth.

What if I could use solar energy as chi or ki.

Now I had learned my lesson when I had spent 4 HOURS cleaning everything up and I couldn't use superspeed without a complete whirlwind and that would ruin the carefully left crater.

Now if anyone is wondering about the plants and dirt that were all over the place and the absolute giant crater I left.

I channeled solar energy into my bio-electric field. They both were like aqua man in water, My bioelectric aura supercharged and instantly doubled; I spread my aura around the crater and channeled pure solar energy and watched it merge with plants and ground.

What happened afterwards was just like a fairytale. Hundreds of feet's of grass started growing, they kept on going until they were double my current height which is about 4 feet and 9 inches. The grass looked like the most beautiful grass I have ever seen, it's was a beautiful color of jade green and their dew smelled just amazing. As reluctant as I was I cut down the grass to its previous height before my "accident" and grabbed a few stalks of grass and used the rest as fertilizer.

The ones I did grab I planted them in the back yard of the orphanage.

I was a bit absentminded because I understood the meaning behind the fact that I could mainpulate solar energy like that.

I could already think of a few uses for this.

I could augment my already godly body with this, exercise till my body drops and heal myself using solar energy. My growth rate will skyrocket and I have noticed that the grass that I grabbed before was the best quality I have ever seen.

I am going to think of infusing solar energy into my inner organs and see how that would work.

My reserves in two weeks are what superman would have in 6 months. This was because he was ignorant about solar energy, at least 80 percent of the energy went to waste due to all the supermen simply not being aware of it. Their bodies were simply using their instincts to get the bare minimum but again 20-35 years of the "bare minimum" carries over a lot.

I suspect it will takes me about give or take 3-5 years to reach the level of superman of the movies not counting my heat vision,solar reserves or anything and that's if I don't augment my body and don't go ahead with training plan I have with solar energy. Because then it would be just unfair.

I have also learned something about my body which is slightly weird, Superman's super strength, super speed,Invulnerability, Freeze breath all came from earth's atmosphere mixed with solar energy.

Earth's environment is so enriching for Kryptonians, their bodies had adapted to use only the bare minimum of resources and they still are many times greater than the human body.

Their bodies only need to consume what an 5 year old does per month and they still survived and even were very decent conditions.

So imagine what kryptonian can do ample resources, yellow sun, and enriching atmosphere.

The reason Kal-El loses all his powers is that while Kal-el was a natural born; he was still a kryptonian and his genes remembered it.

Remember in the movie when Zod gave Kal-el a taste of kryptons atmosphere and he lost his powers even though they were in front of the sun. It was that his bodies instincts automatically shut off his powers because they thought they were back in krypton.

It was essentially brainwashing his body's instincts.

Where I am going with this is that because these parts of Superman's powers are not pure solar energy, they can pretty much be considered passive abilities because the drain on my solar reserves is so low that it's not even worth considering.

I looked at Sister Mary with determination and knew that it was time for the plans I made for my self to start.

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