The raven haired guy, who I claim as my best friend walked beside me, his hands in his pocket and he was staring at the ground, grumbling incoherent words. I huffed, disappointed that he wouldn't even take the time to talk to me though I've already tried.

Apparently, he was beyond annoyed that Naruto left him with me since he had to run some errands. Then again I tried to start the conversation.

"Sasuke..." I called out softly but it was loud enough for him to hear. But then again there was no response.

His attitude began ticking me off and out of my conscience, i smacked the back of his head making him groan and look at me with a scowl. I smiled in victory, crossing my arms over my chest. "Well at least you got your attention".

"You know I like to annoy you duckbutt. But I would've been less annoying if you'd reply me to every once in awhile, but instead you make me talk to the wind."

He kept a phlegmatic face and just kept walking, making me huff heavily in result. What an absolute ass like his hair. It's like he barely notice my presence. Don't get me wrong I don't really crave for his attention like how fan girls do, but what kind of best friend wouldn't want to seek her best friend's attention?. I mean best friends are supposed to be laughing around and telling each other jokes, not pretend to not feel the presence of the other. I don't know how Naruto dealt with this guy.

I smirked to myslef,and kept silent for awhile. Listening to soft whistles of the wind,it was close to sunset. Since Naruto, Sasuke and I live close to each other, we usually walk to school and back home together, but sometimes duckbutt would also give us rides or Naruto or me,it depends. But this time, we just decided to walk home. But unfortunately it was only duckbutt and I.

"Doesn't matter anyways..." I spoke again after awhile, Sensing Sasuke raise his eyebrow at my sudden statement. I'm pretty sure he's annoyed that I decided to break the silence once again.

"Because, I know you're listening to every babble of mine." I grinned, facing him.

He chuckled when I said babbled but didn't utter a single word. This time we were finally standing in front of our houses and I decided to speak again.

"Besides," Sasuke rolled his eyes when he heard me again, knowing that I hadn't shut up. Much to his annoyance I still continued.

"We both know you love me duckass." I blew a raspberry at him and ran inside. He hated it when I would say those words to him, so I made a run for it before he could rant about it.

I expected Sasuke to knock on my door to give me lectures about saying those words, even in public but there was none. I hummed but shrugged it off before changing into my casual clothes.

My phone beeped,indicating there was a message. And my heart skipped a beat at the message... I blinked..




•Your Beloved Duckbutt

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