1 Chapter1♡︎

Today Spencer has waken up quite early. He usually wakes ups at 7 o'clock on the dot to make sure he's on time to work, but today he woke up earlier. It's 6 o'clock and Spencer decided that instead of sleeping in the extra hour he was going to wake up.

Spencer got up and made his way to the small apartment bathroom. He didn't even notice the pacifier bobbing between his lips until he was about to put his toothbrush in his mouth. He took the pacifier out of his mouth and continued on to brush his teeth.

Yes, Spencer was a little. It's one secret he would never tell anyone not even JJ or Morgan his best friends. He also wouldn't admit he was gay and still a virgin.

After brushing his teeth he decided he'd take a shower. Slipping out of the onesie he had put on last night and hopping into the shower letting the warm water fall against his skin waking him up a little more.

After showering Spencer put in his usual work clothes a button up with a cardigan, work pants, colorful socks that no one would notice and his shoes.

He also decided today he was going to put in his new sweet smelling perfume. Spencer wasn't a very big fan of cologne he likes it on other men but in his, he just doesn't like it.

Spencer made his way to the kitchen making coffee and some toast and was very tempted to bring a stuffie into the kitchen with him so he wouldn't be so lonely. But he didn't knowing he's get distracted and want to play with all his stuffies and loose track of time.


Spencer was finally on his way to work. He had a bit of trouble at the subway, Spencer has his own car he just choose to take the subway, causing him now to be late to work.

Spencer was pushing into the crowd of people hoping to get through any faster. With many "sorry" "excuse me" and "pardon me" he had finally reached his building and still running late but he felt better now that he was at the building.

Spencer kept trying to hold all his paper and trying to neatly stack them so they wouldn't fall out, but then suddenly he had crashed into someone causing all his papers to fly everywhere.

"Oh sorry there mate. Let me help you." Said a man Spencer hadn't recognized

The man bent down to help Spencer with his papers but Spencer couldn't help but stare at the man in front of him.

Olive skin, honey brown eyes, sharp but not too sharp jawline. His arms were covered by his shirt but Spencer could see a bit of an outline through it.

"Here you go." Said they handsome stranger as he handed Spencer his papers

Spencer quickly got up "oh t-thank you" he stuttered "going up" the man said indicated the elevator but Spencer was still taking in all of the handsome man in front of him.

"W-what?" Spencer asked pushing a bit of hair behind his ear "Going up?" He asked again "oh yes I am" Spencer replied

With a ring of the bell the two of them walked into the elevator. A few seconds of awkward silence passed before the strange handsome man cleared his throat

"I haven't introduced myself Calum. Calum Hood." He said and stuck out his hand for Spencer to shake

"Oh I don't shake hands." Spencer said earning a confused look from Calum "Did you know it's actually safer to kiss than to shake hands. Less germs spread that way." Spencer replied quickly

"Are you insisting we kiss?" Calum asked jokingly with a chuckle

"No!" Spencer yelled taking them both by surprise "I mean no. I mean yes. I mean I would like to kiss you. I mean I wouldn't want to kiss you. I mean-" Spencer's quick rambling was cut short by Calum laughing

"W-why are you laughing?" Spencer asked genuinely confused

"Your rambling is absolutely adorable, love." Calum said with a smile causing Spencer to blush

The ding of the elevator snapped them both out of whatever that was. Calum was about to step out when he saw Spencer move too.

"After yo-" Calum was cut short "Spencer" he blurted our "Spencer Reid he said and stepped out with Calum following behind him

"Well great to finally put a name to such a cute face." Calum said causing Spencer to blush more

"Calum" someone else called out "get your ass over here"

"Well then, I guess it's goodbye for now. I'll see you next time, Spencer." He said and walked into the conference room where another man was calling him

Leaving a flustered blushing mess of a Spencer behind.