May You Return In Stardom Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

May You Return In Stardom

Young Master Yan

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This is a story about a smart fox who not only played dumb but also played her cards well. Welcome to a day in life of An Mu. Imagine chasing the glitz and glam of showbiz, fooling your ill-intentioned 'in-laws' into thinking you're madly in love with their son, and having an affair with your uncle-in-law—all while attending classes in university! And who is Feng Xiao? A driver, a gigolo, or a thief? Who is this big bad wolf pulling strings behind the curtain? An Mu is not your typical superstar wannabe. She knows what she wants and she will work till she gets it! What other adventures await? What did she lose on her way to stardom, and who is waiting for her return?