1 My long lost lover

Life without you is now meaningless

My days with you were the best

The love you shared with me was beyond what I expected

Life without you is on stand by

Come back to me , so we can continue where we left off

But this time we only bring back only our best memories

All I wish is you lying next to me every morning I wake up

You bought joy to my soul

You bought peace to my heart

You bought love to my heart

You what I always wanted.

Come back to me

Come back to my arms

Bring back your shoulders so I can cry on them

Bring back your soft tender hands so they can wipe my tears

Bring back your heart so it can heal my soul

Bring back thee whole you so I can let you know what has happened while you were gone

My love

My heart

My soul

My everything

My life haven't been the same without you

To my lover

To my long lost soul mate

To you my heartbeat

To you G.

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