1 Descending The Mountains

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It was the beginning of March, when the early spring weather still felt chilly.

A heavy rainfall caused mist to rise up and completely shroud the Yunwu Mountains, making it seem like an immortal's residence.

A young lady could be seen, standing at the winding road while holding onto a paper umbrella. She was dressed in a simple, bamboo patterned dress with a cloth bag slung on her right arm. She was gazing thoughtfully at the torrential rain.

The lady had extremely beautiful facial features, glowing fair skin, natural cherry red lips and a demeanor that seemed ethereal, especially in these scenic settings.

Interesting thoughts swivelled in Bai Chuwei's mesmerising eyes.

Her jade-like slender fingers gently touched her chin and she murmured to herself. "It seems that the Bai Family has no intentions to fetch me. Is the scenario kick starting so early?"

Bai Chuwei had transmigrated into a cannon fodder, commonly found in Mary Sue novels while being bound to a tyrannical system. However, an irreversible malfunction occurred and that trashy system sent her to that world, five thousand years earlier!

After Bai Chuwei lived for five thousand years, becoming someone who could be regarded as an ancestor, the intended plot finally began.

Right then, a sleek-looking luxurious black sedan with smooth lines, drove through the layers of fog.

Bai Chuwei immediately walked to the middle of the road and waved at the luxurious black Rolls Royce.

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Her actions caused the car to stop, and the driver wound down the window, halfway. He looked at Bai Chuwei in surprise and asked politely. "Young lady, do you need something?"

Bai Chuwei's eyes curved into crescent moons and revealed two rows of pearly white teeth. "Since you are passing by, can you give me a ride?"

Evidently, the driver was unable to take that call and turned to look inside the car with an awkward expression. All of a sudden, a mellow and deep male voice sounded from the deep interiors of the car. "No. Drive on."

Through the rain splashed window, Bai Chuwei saw an exceedingly handsome man leaning against the car's back seat, with his eyes shut. He had a straight nose, and a cold-looking face. All in all, he was exceedingly handsome.

Even for someone like Bai Chuwei who had lived for more than five thousand years, she could not help but get surprised.

When dealing with an attractive person, anyone would be more patient than usual.

Her ruddy lips curled up slightly and she said, "Are you lost? I know the directions to get to the highway."

The young man seated in the front passenger seat became ecstatic upon listening to her words and made a decision on his own. "That's great! Finally there's no need to continuously roam in circles around this place. Hurry up and get in."

The warmth from the car engulfed Bai Chuwei the minute she opened the rear door. She neatly folded her paper umbrella and slid in.

Bai Chuwei finally got a clear view of the man's appearance when she entered the car. His facial features gave off a cold aura and his sideview looked picture perfect. He was wearing a formal black suit and there was a string of sandalwood beads on his left wrist.

Even though he sat there quietly, it was quite impossible to ignore his existence. The aura of such a man was blatantly obvious.

Duan Feihan's slender fingers rubbed the string of Buddha beads absently as he opened his eyes and threw a freezing glance at the gorgeous Bai Chuwei. Looking at her, his eyes gradually darkened.

It was raining crazily on the mountain, but there was not even a drop of water on her hair. Moreover, there were no signs of stains on her cloth shoes due to muddy water. Instead, she appeared clean and dry.

The whole picture felt odd, somehow.

Bai Chuwei also frowned slightly. The man looked familiar, but she could not recall anything specific about him.

Suddenly, she pointed in the front and said, "Turn left at the intersection up ahead."

The young man in the front passenger seat asked in a doubtful tone. "Do you really know the way? We turned left earlier, but still ended up circling around the area."

Bai Chuwei gave a tiny smile and said in a firm voice, "Turn left."

Ten minutes later, the understated Rolls Royce finally drove out of Yunwu Mountain. It felt as if the clouds dispersed and the sun had finally arrived.

The driver clapped at the steering wheel and said excitedly, "Oh my! Young lady, you are blessed. We've really managed to come out of the fog!"

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