Matriarch is Pretty and Cool
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Matriarch is Pretty and Cool

Sweet Western Treasure

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What is Matriarch is Pretty and Cool

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Bai Chuwei has lived for five thousand years, and after becoming an ancestor of all human beings, she descends the mountains and initiates the plot of a novel. A new female student is transferred into Henghua Secondary School Year 3. The young lady has bright eyes, white teeth, red lips and her appearance is similar to an immortal fairy. But unfortunately, she has Eighth-Grader Syndrome. “The wealth of ten Duan Family added together does not even make up half of my combined wealth over the past five thousand years.” “The first classic masterpiece of China? Oh I casually wrote that for fun two decades ago.” “Scientific research isn’t comparable to flying in the skies with a sword. Today, this ancestor here shall teach everyone how to cultivate scientifically.” The online lurkers reveal a snort of contempt and wait to see Bai Chuwei slapping herself in the face after acting so pretentiously. Eventually, the China Property Statistics Association reveals this particular information: The respected ancestor is the richest person in the world, owning the most number of gold mines, hundreds of islands, and countless property worldwide. China Writer’s Association: @Bai Chuwei, Respected ancestor, when will you continue updating your book after having stopped it for two centuries?

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The novel is great! The synopsis doesn’t do the novel justice. The Female lead got bond to a system to enter a novel but the system malfunctioned and she accidentally transmigrated 5000 years before the novel plot starts. She gets saved from someone from the Bai family and gets adopted by them. She becomes an immortal after cultivation and therefore becomes the ancestor of the Bai family and protects them for 5000 years. After 5000 years the novel plot finally starts and the Female lead decides to go to school where the plot starts with the help of the Bai family. Because the Female lead is 5000 years old she is the wealthiest and most influential person on earth because of all her assets. The male lead‘s is supposed to be from the most powerful family but no one knows that the female lead can crush them with a snap of her fingers. Her wealth is so much that she can buy the entire world.


.............................................................. Wow another interesting novel. I hope this will be selected soon. ..............................................................


I dunno why people can't understand it, but personally I find it very interesting!! Good read I love how OP she is as well as how aloof she is. Its also got an interesting plot line that isn't the same old recarnated, make a business get rich. I mean she's a doctor thats already rich and secretly powerful. I definitely recommend, though the synopsis isn't great lol I recommend rewording that. But the story is great I really hope it can continue!!!


I have only read the synopsis, but I couldn't help but review with my first reaction: WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS??? This seems to be the kind of book that can't be enjoyed by people who think too much. I will pass.


This is acrually pretty good! The synopsis does not do the story any justice! Usually it is the ML who is more powerful and richer than the FL but this is the opposite... well For the first 60 chapters atleast... Anyway I highly recommend this novel! I hope Webnovel will chose To continue its translation.... 👍👍👍


The story Is good . love it. the FL is lazy doctor , transmigrated . Still need more information of her background before transmigrated . the ML is cute. The story is still need to Be grown . So please Choose this one to Be chosen and keep it going translator fighting ❤️👍🏻🙏


Ok, I can't stop my interest to want more chapter. Because I really like this story and I'm curious with that trash system. when it will fix?


I am totally hooked on to the story The FL is is 5000 years old and ML is a boy who she knew when he was 4 years old .Too good I hope this story is selected All the best


Thank Da_Shoujo for your review. It was really helpful. :))) This novel sounds great I’m going to try out if it gets picked because I don’t like the uncomfortable feeling I get when the novel I wanted to be picked didn’t get picked and I end up wasting my fast passes (cuz i’m broke). :(((


I honestly read the synposis and i dropped the book before i even started... like the synopsis can’t draw readers in... books like this r books i’ll only read if i’m extremely bored and have nothing better to do with my life. if anyone has read the book pls reply and tell me if it’s worth wasting 1 hour of my life on


Reveal spoiler


oh my god despite the title this book is amazing. I manage to stumble across it in my recs. @webnovel please consider continuing translation for this!!!! MTL doesn't do justice to this novel at all!!


An interesting concept. The 1st 60 chapters have me dying to read more. Weiwei is a typical OP FL with a not so typical background definitely worth the read.


Wow this is a very interesting story can’t wait to read more 😁😁😁😁 so far this is one of my New favorites 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


I really enjoy the characters and the story line. the characters are well rounded and have depth. the plot keeps me hooked. I really can't wait to see what happens next.


it's quite interesting to read updates please the plot is quite different from other's the female lead is not a weakling either and make lead is like a side character


heeeeey!! choose this pls... make more chaps pls!! and put it there!! this one of the savage novel i trial read ....so yeah!! hurry pls!! iwanna know how the story go 😂👊


I hope this book gets picked. I like the main character. I think she is very funny. Can't wait for more. I have not read another book like this. Here's hoping it gets picked.


This story is different from other fantasies in that FL is not reborn but 5000 years old . The FL has met ML when he was a small boy and he is her medicine .I hope this story is selected .All the best


Slightly different from other reincarnation novels. Really enjoyed the first sixty chapters and couldn't wait for more. If only this could chosen as soon as possible. Not just this but other pending stories on my list too. [img=update] Anyway, as the description implied FL has most likely control over the scenarios that would occur. I don't think I would need to prevent myself from too much heartache but should just enjoy face-slapping moments courtesy of our FL. I'd also be looking forward on how the main leads love story be progressing. Aiya. Please don't kill our adorable nephew tho.


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