Mated To The Enemy: Loving The Wolf Book

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Mated To The Enemy: Loving The Wolf


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As a princess, my life shall be dreamy and full of happiness. Yet, this is not what it’s all about. My name is Tiana, daughter of king ‘Luther Dunkan’ – the dark vampire king, and … Well, I know nothing about my own mother, and I care less about the one who gave up on me when I needed her the most. I’m nearly reaching my 200 years, the legitimate age for me to take hold of my rights as a vampire queen. Yet, as a female vampire – I need a male vampire to rule by my side. Though I believe I’m a queen that needs no king by her side, still I have to pick someone. Things shall have to go smoothly, pick a noble, true blood vampire, marry him and rule together, and pretend to have your happy ending. See, easy and smooth things were not part of my fate, and I happened to learn that only when I met him - my destined mate.


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