Mated to the demon vampire king Book

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Mated to the demon vampire king


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Anna.." He called calmly as he moved slowly towards her. "God knows how much I'm controlling myself from hurting you. I'm trying to restrain myself so don't make it hard for me!" His cold voice said clearly warning her. "I don't care. Just kill me! I'll rather die than remain stuck with you!" Anna yelled again and he scoffed. "Monster? Huh, how about I show you how brutal I am by killing your sweet friend's family" Axel says and Anna's eyes widened. "No..." She said almost breaking into a sob. "And about being stuck with me? I know the perfect way for you to be stuck with me!" He stated and Anna looked up. "What?" She whispered. "Marry me Blue eyes.." He said and Anna's eyes widened again. ** Annabelle, a hybrid's peaceful life was crumbled when she found out that her mate was the demon masked king Axel. He claims to be her mate yet they both don't have any mate bond or any sort of attraction towards each other instead all they feel is pure hatred towards each other. Find out the reason for this? Will these two eventually fall in love? How? How will she able to deal with the darkness is his heart?


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