Mate to the Mafia Alpha
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Mate to the Mafia Alpha


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What is Mate to the Mafia Alpha

Read Mate to the Mafia Alpha novel written by the author DameButterfly on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering mystery, dark, werewolf, mafia, possessive. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


note: cover art is a kindness by Rosella fellow artist and author. Celeste's life was about to take a strange turn one night. It was just supposed to be a harmless shortcut so that she could got to her favorite spot to enjoy the full moon. It was only during this one day of the month that she could feel reenergized after soaking up the rays of the full moon. Who would know though that on that exact night she would have a fateful encounter with a one of the most dangerous mafia groups in the area- The Black Star Family who also happened to be werewolves. And what was this about being the Alpha's mate? Bane Black or is it BlackStar? Rich, charming, and successful business man by day, harsh and callous werewolf alpha and mafia boss by night who extended kindness and mercy to few who crossed him and his pack. What was the moon goddess thinking by pairing him with the little human?


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Alright, finally my review for this story. Though there are only a few chapters as for now, I'd write it a review nonetheless. There will be a mild-spoiler in here, kinda... so, for those who haven't read the story first, well, you've been warned. So, about my thought, let us start from the plot. I, to be honest, rarely read a romance story, so I couldn't really tell which one is good or bad, for I don't have any romantic experience both in real life nor in fiction. Anyway, the romance in this story, I found it wholesome and brought this strangely... warm feeling when Celeste (the Heroine/MC) and Bane (the Protagonist) in scene (that does break my lips into a goofy grin), chattering casually even though Celeste knows he's not a human, I always found that she also found a bit of comfort and doesn't mind it at all. I mean, she didn't tell a police about her encounter with "them" or about the murder, nor look for clue or something to explain Bane's "curse". Guess it'd be risky as well. Regardless, I love the idea of love at first sight (or in this case, love at first scent). Bane surely knows about how to find his soulmate just with a smell, wish I have one such. His cold, cruel part of being inhuman, it's still a suprise he's a generous one... that is, if one sided with his good side. Celeste... I like her. She, despite her "parents" threat her like something's else, she still respects them as the "whole" parents; they who have raised her to her 21st birthday. She's calm, and has less tendency to go into panic state, or simply irrational acts, counterbalancing Bane's inner beast... which I like the most. Then about the writing, is vividly telling the readers and sure giving a lot of explanation to understand the whole story of what happened. However to be honest, there are quite an amount of unnecessary part which unrelated to the story... at least at that point, like Celeste wants to buy a car, or knowing that her "parents" will have their own child. In my opinion, I think it's better to keep that kind of information for later chapters or keep it a mystery to make readers wondering a little longer... that's my opinion though, don't take it seriously, you Author have done a great job with the writing style. Pacing and update stability, is alright, even faster than my own... so, nothing to say about it. Grammar and punctuation. Well, I did sometimes found the mistyped words, like "her" the "r" is missing so I misinterpreted it as "he" till I reread it again, and etc. But nothing major really, since it won't affect the flow of the story that much. But I would suggest the author to give title for every chapter, so that readers could at least know what the chapter was about. I already peeked at your others stories, and I see that you do give title for every chapter... so why this story won't get any? 😅 about grammar, I dare not to talk about it. I am no native, nor I have enough knowledge to... at least this story is easy to follow and understand, enough for me. And that's... I think that's it. This became quite a long review. Never. expected it 😅 but I can tell that this story is worth the time, as I enjoyed reading it, and want more. Thank you for writing this story, Author :) However, The only downside of this story overall, is that we still haven't get much of Bene and Celeste's scene :( we need more of it, more of them, Author, give use sugar xD


So this is author's shameless review. To be honest- I wouldn't give myself 5 stars for this book. This isn't the typical cup of tea that I enjoy writing. I decided to experiment with something different. As I'm sure some of you who read it can tell, it lacks certain depth of color and emotion as my friend pointed out. I am working to remedy this as I write. What can you expect? Slow burn romance with slightly realistic shades to it. Timid but slightly FL and a cold harsh ML who has a weak spot for the FL thanks to his wolf. Not to forget- you can also expect some spelling errors. Don't hesitate to point them out please. It's not the best story in the world but I hope you'll give it a chance. If you're looking for something more spicy with a strong FL lead and equal rivaling ML you might want to check out my other werewolf book- My Mate is a Human Mafia Boss?!


Awesome story! left me craving for more. I hope Author could continue to paint beautiful episodes of the love story of Bane and Celestia. I am still somewhere in the middle of chapter ten, I am reading slowly to not finish the all chapters too quickly and then regret later, taking a sluggish pace to enjoy the story. Keep it up, Author!!


I love the story where the male lead is passionate about the female lead for some reason. I found the situation of our FL meeting the Alpha during her relaxation moment. There are only thirty chapters till now but I hope we will get more. Thanks for an amazing story, author!


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