Mate to the Mafia Alpha Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Mate to the Mafia Alpha


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note: cover art is a kindness by Rosella fellow artist and author. Celeste's life was about to take a strange turn one night. It was just supposed to be a harmless shortcut so that she could got to her favorite spot to enjoy the full moon. It was only during this one day of the month that she could feel reenergized after soaking up the rays of the full moon. Who would know though that on that exact night she would have a fateful encounter with a one of the most dangerous mafia groups in the area- The Black Star Family who also happened to be werewolves. And what was this about being the Alpha's mate? Bane Black or is it BlackStar? Rich, charming, and successful business man by day, harsh and callous werewolf alpha and mafia boss by night who extended kindness and mercy to few who crossed him and his pack. What was the moon goddess thinking by pairing him with the little human?


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