100 The Shared Creation Ritual

It was finally the last day before the scheduled event. Tanya and the girls were all enjoying an outing in the forest, Tanya's de facto turf. As of a month ago, her religion had already claimed the forest as their sacred holy ground. Because of this, Tanya had no trouble accessing all areas in the forest, as well as receiving prime spots for hunting various dangerous beasts.

So in the bright of day, the group was tracking a target worthy of a legendary feast. Along with the group was a tired girl that just seemed quite sad.

"Tanya~!" Vira called putting, sweating all over. Because she had to carry everyone's baggage, she never stopped breathing heavily and stomping loudly. Every moment was an annoyance.

"Pardon?" One of Tanya's eyebrows suddenly twitched upwards, revealing an expectant gaze.

"Mommy!" Vira's body jerked and she suddenly remembered how she needed to address Tanya.

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