121 Storm Brewing

"Yuna, you are so lucky! While we are stuck at the academy studying, you get to live the cushy life!" 

Through the crystal ball, Diana, Yuri, Serena, and Yuna were chatting amongst themselves. The semester had started again and the girls were split. While Diana was busy helping with the county, the other girls were sent back to study. Such were the rewards of being a good student.

Rose still had her duties at the academy to deal with, which she had been planning to end sooner or later to stay with Tanya at the county. She did enjoy teaching, but the constant annoyances of managing spoiled noble heirs and heiresses were simply not worth it for her. She wanted a permanent change of scenery and the lush environment of the county was more than enough for her. It was practically self-sufficient, only needing new advances to add excess. The homunculi did their jobs with efficiency with little to no cost, simply a dream come true.

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