38 Semester Passed

It has been a whole semester since Tanya arrived at the academy. Now spring, the flowers were blooming and couples were forming left and right. Tanya had gained quite a few followers among the female students, enough to control what happens in the freshman year level. Among these followers is Yuna.

After becoming Tanya's first follower, Tanya trained the former in many forms of etiquette and noble skills. After being taught some useful studying tips, Yuna managed to score among the top 10 of each of her classes. Her explosive rise to prominence drew attention from the boys, but she remained content in rejecting anyone who came for her.

The boy that dumped her had already attempted to get back together with her, however, she coldly rejected him in front of the masses and walked off into the moonlight.

As far as Yuna was concerned, she had humiliated him publicly and begun living a much more happy life. All of this was thanks to her benefactor, the one she serves, Tanya Vermillion.

As for Yuri, she secretly honed her light magic and practiced various healing spells to make her seem more useful to Tanya. After the incident where Tanya was nearly shot by the student council president, Yuri had become much more vigilant.

Aside from practicing magic, Yuri completed research on various ways that people kiss. As such, she had gained a vast amount of knowledge to help her gain more of Tanya's favour.

"Yuna, I see you have already humiliated your ex-boyfriend. Do you now see why my offer was so beneficial for you?" Tanya smiled, sitting on her bed.

"Yes… this is all thanks to Lady Vermillion." Yuna responded with a hint of anxiety.

'Why am I sitting on the same bed as Tanya?!'

Yuna was not the only one however.

"Tanya~" Yuri latched onto Tanya's left arm and embraced it warmly.

"Yuri, you should not touch her. There is a limit to how vulgar one can be." Diana explained, clearly troubled.

"Are you 'jelly'?" Yuri smugly grinned.

"...OF- Course not… I am just worried for both of your reputations…" Diana lied.

'It has already been an entire semester and now I am finally feeling the full joys of youth.' Tanya felt very satisfied with her life in the academy. She had already proven herself to be well versed in all of her chosen subjects and had scored top marks in everything but mathematics. She only scored in the top 3 for that.


"Yes, who's there?" Tanya asked upon arriving at the door.

"Your fiancé." Rosellia immediately opened the door and walked in.

"Hmmm… I see you were doing something, should I leave?" Rosellia rubbed her chin, waiting for a reply.

"Rose~ you are always welcome in my room for some cuddles. That is the least I can do as your loving fiance~" Tanya whispered into Rosellia's ear.

"!!!" She stepped back.

*cough* *cough*

I am actually here because of some personal problems. I feel as though I haven't talked with you enough. I need to know my future wife better if I am to marry…"

"Oh? You are taking this so seriously now… you do not actually have to go through with the marriage you know? I perfectly understand if you are feeling overworked." Tanya senses some tension from Rosellia, so she decided it might be best to let her go if the latter really cannot take the idea of marriage.

"It's not that, but I am serious about this. I will marry you and you will speak to me more often. I know you love other women, you wouldn't need to be a sage to notice. However, when it comes to this marriage, I will invest myself fully. Marriage is not a joke." Rosellia declared with a righteous voice.

"Mmm… well I guess if you are serious about this, I won't stop you. Come and sit down on my bed, we are playing some fun games tonight~"


Immediately, a storm of thoughts raced through Rosellia's mature mind.

'Her bed?! Fun games?! At night?! Is she perhaps… Tanya is giving me her virginity?! NO! Rosellia, snap out of it! She is your student, you mustn't do such things before she graduates! You must wait until marriage and then ravish her for an entire night! Do it the proper way! Mother will be proud!'

Tanya shivered as if she felt a harmless yet longing stare directed at her.

"Are you perhaps misunderstanding something?" Tanya tilted her head, asking in a slightly confused tone.

"It is game night." Tanya walked towards her bed and gestured towards the three occupants.


'For once I am not the one being naughty.' Tanya placed her palm over her face in disappointment.

"Tanya… what is an org-" Yuri was instantly interrupted by a hand over her mouth.

"Don't ask that question! Don't say those words, you are being too vulgar lately!" Diana chastised, pinching Yuri's ears.



The bed was very lively that night.

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