91 Penelope Vermillion (2)

A few more months passed by in the blink of an eye. Two nations remained silent during the interim, seeming to have amassed sizable armies on both sides. Countless alliances were being formed in the shadows and innumerable factions had begun to make their moves to further the greatest interests.

Tanya, being the former emperor she is, had been training quietly on her own. While studying and keeping track of her own power base, she had been growing to the point where she could be confident enough to fight the beast that nearly killed her just a few months prior. With this much confidence, who knows what level she had attained by now? 

It was not only Tanya that had leveled up during the interim. The girls all managed to find time to practice their abilities while juggling their various responsibilities, somehow growing much stronger than before.

Alas, the heat had finally begun growing at the border; so much that even the academy could feel the warmth.

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