102 Eternity

In the deepest darkest web in the corner of the forest, an army of men came marching to their doom. In the grand scheme of things, they were insignificant. They were the enemy of Tanya's home and the enemy of all of her followers. One might believe mercy is a given when already at such an advantage, but one must also assume that revenge is always on the table.

As the clacking of the horses and the shouting of the soldiers echoed throughout the dense green, more eyes began peering in and watching from afar. In all directions, the soldiers could be struck down.

Yet, they came marching and marching, unaware of who might come and kill them. They had been ordered by the king himself to invade the Golde kingd9m through a special route, and that they will do. The only thing that could stop them is a deity.

"Avros, how much longer? Has the commander even sent scouts to recon the terrain yet?" A skinny soldier asked his squad mate.

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