122 A Path

A dome of glass encapsulated the entirety of Tanya's surroundings. A variety of greenery filled the premises with beauty and harmony. Roses, dahlias, lilies, sunflowers, trees bearing fruits; and much more. The light seeping through the glass was celestial. There was no single light source, it was everywhere. And in the middle was a single table and two chairs; that was where Tanya was.

"Tanya, I don't know how you did it and I frankly don't care. You have taken a lot of weight off my back and can't help but feel relieved." A woman dressed in an intricately woven dress of green sighed with a sense of relief. 

It had been some time since Tanya had forged her way through the known world as a forest deity. What one needs to acknowledge is the fact that there was already a deity in that office prior to Tanya coming along. That deity had spent much of her time trying to protect her domain yet the world was becoming far too urban.

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