1 Transmigrated

System Anomalies are injured or near-death mighty beings or creatures from the realms of a certain universe called the Main World/Universe. 艾付

Their souls are incomplete and because of that, they cannot be reborn in the realms of the Main World/Universe.

They didn't have any choice but to leave the Main world traveling to the countless universes.

To do so, they will leave their physical body, take a soul from weaker worlds and throw them to other worlds/universes with high energy concentration, and also the reason they will disrupt the balance of the target universes, creating countless struggles and mass destruction.

Whether or not they like it and no matter how good their intentions are.

And it's the tamer's job to hunt, kill, destroy, murder and erase them in that universe or that timeline! To keep the balance and peace in all life in the multiverse!

However, not all tamers want balance and peace...

Some of them prefer to bring rains of blood!

Some prefer to let system users live.


"I never thought I, war beast would fail" In the highest realm of existence, there was an enormous beast. The creature is a massively built leonine humanoid, meaning that he is bipedal, with two arms and two legs, and it covers his body with a fine layer of stark white fur. His features resemble those of a lion.

"After so many preparations, time, and effort..." He had glistening tears falling from his left eye and his stomach was sick with what they did. The massive leonine humanoid raised his weary hand that is full of scars and blood, then he clenched it so hard to till it bleeds.

"All of them are wasted and disappeared like was nothing..." He is trembling non-stop while his tears of blood of falling from his eyes, but he added, "That monster devoured all the lives of my comrades, humiliated every single living being and now he just got away like that with a smile," The leonine looked down below with grief painted on his face.

Below there was a pile of corpses. It was his comrades and friends who battled against the 'thing'. Their expression still had a combination of helplessness, unwillingness, and despair. But at the last moment that before they were wiped out, that 'thing' got ignored, all of them feeling lifeless with an expression full of disappointment that he wasted his time on all of them. Then it left for the lowest realm, the realm one.

They all knew that beast was also injured, but they couldn't do a thing. That monster is a true monster. Even trillions of mighty beings are just nothing but a plaything for that monster.

The leonine never felt so humiliated, with shame and feeling unworthy of beings himself, the leonine cries out of words he can only squeeze "I'm sorry, mother world that I love, I can't let myself be a victim again like that anymore, so much torture and pain, even if I betray you and leave these realms and become an anomaly"

He burst into tears. He didn't have a choice but to escape and leave this place. Just remembering the attitude of that 'thing' that gave him nightmares during combat makes him shakes non-stop because of horror. There's one percent chance only where he could meet that 'thing' if he leaves this place, his homeland. He is sure that 'thing' won't find him.

Even if it chose a tamer, there's only a minimal chance for him to be found by that 'thing'.

"Goodbye, my beloved realm" He had no attachment to this world anymore. His comrades, family, and friends are now all gone. The massively built leonine looked up and released a bright light from his eyes as he turned into dust, leaving nothing but memory and ashes.

Flap! Flap!

Another humanoid creature landed softly on the ground to the place where the leonine disappeared.

The other being who landed where the massive leonine is earlier is an eagle-like monster that has the torso and arms of a man and the wings, head, beak, and talons of an eagle. His body is silver metal, his wings are deep red, and it was a little bent and broken but still working properly.

He whispers with sorrow, "I cannot blame you, my friend, nor could I judge you. Be careful my friend"

"Sad to say, I cannot follow you. My heart, my justice, and my faith won't change. I will teach our comrades, son's and daughters to prepare for the comeback of that evil entity. I will lead them to vanquish that evil someday. I hope I succeed and for now, I will have to rest." His face fell as he could not continue because of tiredness, the Garuda like being clasped his hand and turned himself into stone.

In a random place, not earth…

A soldier with white bandages covering his left eye, and the back of his head immediately groaned.


A person woke up, and his vision was fuzzy.

"Hmm... I'm alive?" He exclaimed.

He is Jomel Ruhong, and he is supposed to be dead.

He is slightly an enormous man from the earth. His body is chiseled, firm, wide back, and he had long jet black hair. He is not wearing anything on top, revealing his abs that are always praised by women.

He remembered he was playing his favorite monster game.

The game he played is the one who is accompanying him. Ever since he broke up with his girlfriend last year, he never really wanted to hurt her and let her suffer anymore because she's just being with him. So he let her go, just like every woman he had ever been with.

There was a trauma he was afraid to share with anyone, and he knew it was better to keep it to himself.

Jomel is a good man with a good heart and he is only working to support his hobbies, learned to box a little to feel that he exists, and getting a girl to make himself feel a little worthy.

He's not bitter, he just couldn't take it anymore. He thought that having a good body and women will make him happy, but it only made it worse. Every time he sees his woman or partners suffering, enduring, and in pain just because they are/were with him, it makes him feel sick, sick of himself.

He is so sick to himself that he refused to meet any woman anymore, and stayed at home and winds himself up to protect them from his toxic self.

He played on his phone and cheered on his mind 'Go! my Flying Lizard! go use Flamethrower!'.

The game he is playing is a role-playing game based around building a small team of monsters to battle other monsters in a quest to become the best.

It divided the monsters in that game into types, such as water and fire, each with different strengths.

Battles between them can liken them to the simple hand game rock-paper-scissors.

For example, to gain an advantage over a monster that cannot beat an opponent's flying lizard that breathed out a fire that a character has because of a weakness to fire, a player might substitute water-based monsters.

This is his ideal world, a world of fantasy and monsters, enough for him to forget reality and how pitiful his life is. He is not pleased with the logic of this game, but the world in this game is his ideal world, enough for him to escape the reality he is living in.

A minute later, after he's done playing, he looks at a photo with a younger version of himself and a young lady holding his hand, as he whispered carefully, 'Huong, my little sister.' This is his sister in this pitiful life of his on earth. She is his star in the night and hope and sun in the sky. Ever since her death, his vibrant self into a dead man walking with no purpose and goal in life.

He turned his attention back to the game to stop himself from remembering the past, and soon he noticed he was losing.

His enemy is a monster that resembles a small turtle. Its body is yellow and appears soft. Until they are in use, its limbs appear limp.

It is using a move that creates illusionary copies of himself. The copies disorient Jomel's monsters, reducing their accuracy.

The effect for short is increasing the turtle monster's evasion by one stage at a time.

Now, however, the turtle monster already used it nine times, making its evasion nine times greater, and so his monster attacks, always miss, and cannot hit the turtle monster.

He is not losing just because of that; he is losing because the turtle monster is using another move.

Toxic move.

A toxic technique or move that badly poisons his monsters in combat. The amount of damage from the poison increases every turn.

Since his monster cannot hit it, the only outcome is for his monster to drop dead.

He won around about a hundred and fifty times battles; it is a long and good achievement for him, so his defeat this time made him frustrated.

His arms were sweaty, but he clenched it and swung it to the side, out of frustration.


He could remember all the details, including how and what is the process of him being electrocuted, and he couldn't move a muscle like he was just staring into nothing doing nothing. After that, it fried him until his vision turned black. And that is the last thing he could remember, and he believed he was supposed to be dead, but it seems the lady's luck was shining upon him.

"Ah! I forgot that there's an electrical outlet in there. Fortunately, I'm still alive." He thought, lowered his head, being ashamed of his foolishness, but thankful that he is still breathing.

Out of happiness by surviving that incident, he tried lifting his hand, but he felt like it was so limp, without the energy to move it.

He tried sitting up and looked around and was dumbfounded. 'Someone with a good must've taken me here in the hospital'

Suddenly, "What is this place?" he is dumbfounded once again.

He noticed he is inside of a hospital-like place, but different from every hospital in his country that he could remember, this is like a futuristic hospital with a unique gadget to the side, and it's so white and clean. Then he saw in front of him is a mirror. In the mirror, he saw an unfamiliar human figure.

'Who is that guy' He asked himself. He tried to move a little and was then shocked that it was copying his movements.

"Is it me?" He tried moving again, and he did it again and again until it convinced him it was him.

'Did I die because of that electrocution?' Just by looking at himself right now, he knew that was some kind of soldier, but he did not know where he was or what sort of world he was in, or who's the body he was occupying.

Suddenly he recalled something, 'Is this the so-called occupying another person's body in other worlds?, "He looked at his arms and said, "I transmigrated?'.


That's the only thing he can say because it sounds unreal. He tried moving again despite ignoring the pain, but...

Suddenly, a sharp pain struck his brain as he groaned.


After that, he passed out.

Jomel awakened about a minute later with shock, remembering ALL the memories of the PAST OWNER he REPLACED.


The owner of the body he replaced is Francis Ba'al. A simple soldier with an average face. And just like him, Francis Ba'al had a sister.

They don't have parents. Their parents left them one day, disappearing like a cloud of smoke.

He heard them arguing and screaming at each other before they disappeared.

By eavesdropping on them.

Francis learned that they're descendants from a feuding tamer family with their respective beast types of expertise. He thought it's just a normal quarrel, so he urges his beanie to sleep.

The next day, however.

Their parents disappeared with a letter saying goodbye because they have to.

Francis's younger sister is a very cute little sister- whenever he is stressed due to overwork because of being tired of his job and kept overthinking things. Her cuteness and her positivity every day give him the motivation he needs to keep going in life.

She loves soaking her feet in the water, wearing socks every day, and receiving candies, and whenever Francis got his pay from working in the bakery, he will always take her to every Candy store he knew.

Someone approached them one day when he brought her to a candy shop. A lady with an unknown shadow creature floating at her back.

Francis noticed that is looking at his little sister with interest. He was about to run with his little sister because of the danger he was feeling, but an aura stopped and was encircled him. The look of Francis was changed and painted with hatred as he tried to resist. But his struggle is pointless.

His little sister wept and sob while floating up in the air, "Brother!", but a brat and a little lass can't prevent the vixen. "Beanniee!!" Francis, while in pain, screamed as well.

The woman is a tamer with incredible powers; she ignored all their cries and released an aura that encircled bean-bean, and when the lady got bean-bean. She walks in a certain direction and disappeared.

A moment later, when there are no traces of them left, Francis broken free from the aura that is encircling him. He rushes towards the direction where they have gone.

After about an hour of endless chasing and running, there is nothing.

He couldn't find a single shadow.

Leaving him alone forever.

"Damn" Jomel saw the little boy Francis's situation couldn't help but curse for the first time. He knew what it felt like when your sister is gone or being taken away from.

"it seems there is more to it" 

He calmed himself down; he closed his eyes as he tried to recall more of that Francis memory.


For those who are wondering how multiverse traveling works in my story, [Some are turned off to Multiverse type of novel]

The Multiverse cultivation stage leveling has a reborn soul stone that would make a TAMER always start AT STAGE ONE or level 1.

If a tamer is stage fifty (50) in the main world, the tamer would need to reach that stage first.

Once they reached that fifty, that is when the accumulation starts.

And if they ever reached stage 100, to other universe or world, the main world would take only half the amount of stage at the start of accumulation.

Since they started at stage fifty (50), their stage would become seventy-five (75) back in the main world.

That is JUST ONE of how the Reborn type of Soul stone works.

There's still, transmigration soul stone [a personal favorite] and summoning soul stone.

My MC could/would become anything, a frog, a dog, a monster, a king, an elder, an emperor, or our personal favorite, the typical young master...

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