Master of the Apocalypse
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Master of the Apocalypse


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What is Master of the Apocalypse

Read Master of the Apocalypse novel written by the author Daoist_Aileus on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering system, weaktostrong, worldtravel, geniusprotagonist, calmprotagonist. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The Year 4031, the human race has expanded to the furthest reaches of the universe itself but to this date no extra-terrestrial life has been discovered despite the ruins of many ancient civilizations being discovered across countless planets. Haley is an undergraduate from the Lunuva Technical College, pressured by overwhelming debt and an arranged marriage and at the end of the rope tying him to the world of the living; a life changing encounter with a sphere contained within the ruins of an ancient civilization of Lunuva finds itself at his doorstep…. [001] A unique modification for the visual HUDS installed at birth, the perfect way to record data and quantify ability – what if the world became as predictable as a video game for those who lived in it? Would it flourish? Or would it fall to ruins... much like the ruins of countless civilizations of the past. -The Cover is not my own work but someone elses with some editing, please check out the original artist at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zGxJ2 if you would like me to stop using the image please contact me by leaving a comment on my profile thanks -

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Honestly, this novel is quite enjoyable and has a lot of potential........................................................................................


I hoped that you would be here :D nice job man, its the type of story I like, there may be some mistakes but in general, the writing is good,the story development may seem common to other people but I think it has great potential. the hidden agenda of 001 OS is keeping me on my toes and I like it! XD the only problem I have is that you didn't really say much about weapons and the technological advancements of humanity, it can't be just HUD and space travel. all in all the book deserves to be known by more people, keep up the good work.


Shameless author review - as a divine law that governs webnovels' it's only natural for the author of the novel to write their own review or be punished by the laws of the universe for their mistake. ~ By no means is my writing perfect but I aim for it to be enjoyable, thank you all for your support <3


This book is amazing, keep going!  Can't stop reading. Can't wait to see more. Do you have any social media that I can follow so I can know when you gonna update?


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Story so far seem somewhat generic, but there is a few unique takes here and there. English is good, updates are a bit slow, but writing is difficult so can't complain much. The main character is fairly fleshed out Personally I like a bit more detail in my story eg. Base descriptions, what's in the crates he stole etc. The world background is very Interesting, but I don't feel like it's explored that much so far. But keep at it bud


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