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alright, I don't know if I already did a review or not, but now I'm feeling like doing it since I did read it a second time. this is a hidden gem, the written quality is lifelike, I found no hardship understanding the story, it is a simple one yet it's kind of complicated. the plot is kind of refreshing, it brings a change to the trash novels here. as for the characters, one word, simple. I can easily imagine the characters in my head. the world background, it kind of smooth, you see when the author describes something I always kind of see it in my head. recommend. 5/5 in everything it brings change to the word 'adventure', other novels that have the tag adventure do not understand the real meaning behind it. even the fillers are kind of enjoyable, you don't even notice that it's a filler. this review is made in a rush, excuse the grammar.

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One think that I always like to see, but rarely do, is a fun story told in first person perspective. And this is a fun story! Told in first person perspective. The MC is a likeabe person, it's very pleasant to spend time in his head. The RPG-inspired system and character stats are really effective at giving the story an appealing, quirky feel. Well done, author!


The story so far is a really good one. I've been reading a lot of dark and heavy fics lately so this story is like a breath of fresh air. I just wanna see the main character do his best and get stronger with his friends. It's a 10/10 book to me! ❤️❤️❤️


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It's good. It has a typo here or there but for the most part the grammar and spelling are pretty good.


Reveal spoiler


All around awesome novel. I've read the full 490 chapters (as of now). Currently 3 chapters are released a day, and the novel follows a young party of adventurers alongside awesome world design and character design. There is no perversion or cynicism, just the pure adventures of our stalwart heroes.


A true hidden gem. The novel starts out rough in writing quality, but it gets much better, and continually improves (hold out until about chap 50 if considering dropping). The story is fairly lighthearted, and simple, and most importantly it is fun. The imagination of tye author shines through with many of the system names, and it is a unique take on a concept that hasn't been explored by many that I have seen. Over time I have grown accustomed to MCs in books dealing with severe tragedies that affect their character, but this novel, once you get past the bad writing quality at the beginning is a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing this novel reach 500+ chapters, and hopefully author will edit starting chapters with their current writing prowess. Overall, it is not a heavily impactful or emotional novel thus far, but it is charming and in my opinion, very much worth a read. Keep up the good work author, and throw some challenges at MC that he will face alone, like trying to learn some creative monster skills like a flame body skill from a Phoenix or something.


The text itself commonly (at least one per chapter) has bizarre spelling errors, but they're pretty isolated and don't impede reading the actual story too much. The story is fun, lighthearted, and a joy to read.


honestly I've been searching for something like this one it's just a light hearted adventure type I wish always stays like this and let us enjoy the slow but awesome world building and storytelling it's like your really with them on their adventure it's really good and realistic of a world that they are just having fun honestly you wouldn't even care about being op mc or such thing even though he is but more like having a new life of adventure fantasy and story that doesn't need like big even happening that they have to do save the would it's more like chilling adventures that's just perfect if your looking for something like this and most importantly the details on the stuff they do . the only thing I wish is stays like this and doesn't just go with stereo typical villains like the "spoiler" here like the demons that are building up . and maybe a little more details of follow ups with they're system and leveling sometimes and some skills that get forgotten and that's the only weakness in my opinion to be honest but overall it's really a must read


A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. It's honestly one of the best I've read so far The system is unique to the MC even when everyone has one


A very fun read. Fun enough that I can gloss over the fact that every time a word should be translated as now with the connotation of (present, right away, happening right now) it is translated as not with the meaning or connotation of (opposite, impossible, not happening right now). This isn't confusing in this novel like it is in others because Not is never used correctly and now never comes up. Just read each Not as Now and it all makes sense. Spell check was used, at least in the earlier chapters. But it didn't fix any incorrect word replacement errors. The smarter auto-correct gets, the more evil the incorrect words become when it fixes things to be wrong. This whole book needs edited by a human.


Reveal spoiler


I've only read a few chapters, but I've read some system esque books before, and I can say this is going to be a great read. The Backstory is super helpful, and the greatest thing about it is that this is the first time I've seen anything like everyone having a system. I think it's a unique book, and I look forward to reading More!!💯💯


Honestly this is one of my favorite novels on this site and top 5 all time novels. I just wish it didn't lock at chapter 40, I would love to continue reading but I cant really afford to buy chapters atm.


Within the first chapter you can tell how much work the author built into the world building. The characters also actually act how they are meant to act which is an issue you see in some other novels. The only issue you could possibly have is that there are some grammar issues but the author gets better with it as it continues. But it really is one of the most world built system novels I have ever read.


Early review I am on chapter 85. The story is written decently when it comes to grammar, sentence structure, etc. World background is pretty interesting everyone having the chance to unlock a system and the systems interconnect in some scenarios. MC system is op but so far mc has not really taken advantage of it. Honestly mc doesn’t make many logical choices after he unlocks the system and jumps straight into adventuring. My main gripe about the story is the author doesn’t know how to portray different age levels for different characters. Everyone in this story reacts, talks, and behaves like a 10 year old. People yelling out of surprise or having an o face when they are adults living in a world that has many people fighting monsters. Overall I like the premise of the story and really hope the maturity of the characters goes up as it progresses.


Overall a good story, I just don't care for it personally


One of my favorite books that I have read.


I started this book from day one and have read through bit multiple times since it is my favorite book and the characters are well thought out.