23 Will You Take Me As Your Wife

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Since Shen Xitong had been unmasked by Grandma Shen, she had been restraining herself. Although she still visited Grandma Shen every day, she didn't spend much time there, simply leaving after a few words. Grandma Shen didn't care anyway.

Shen Qinglan still kept Grandma Shen in company every day, talking and chatting. Sometimes she simply took a book that Grandma Shen liked and then read to her by her side.

However, Shen Qinglan found that her grandma often looked at her worriedly, eyes full of sadness.

"Lan Lan, I'm afraid I can't wait to see you get married and have children," Grandma Shen said holding Shen Qinglan's hand, just as she was about to read for her.

Shen Qinglan smiled faintly, "Grandma, what are you talking about? We used to go to the temple to offer incense and the master fortune teller said that you would definitely enjoy a long-lived life."

Grandma Shen smiled, "There is no shred of truth in that old monk's words. How can you believe it?"

"I don't think the old monk lied to me. Grandma, you must be able to live until you are one hundred years old."

Grandma Shen smiled and patted the back of Shen Qinglan's hand, "You, you can simply please me, but Lan Lan, my health does not allow me to live up to a hundred years old. I have no other wish in my life but hope that you, Lan Lan, can meet a man who will love you and protect you for your whole life. In this way, I will be able to die in peace."

Hearing grandma saying that again, Shen Qinglan felt great pain in her heart, her eyes stinging, "Grandma—"

Grandma Shen sighed, patting Shen Qinglan gently on the back, just like what she did to calm Shen Qinglan when she was a child.


At night, back to the hotel, Fu Hengyi stared at the mobile phone that was still lying quietly in the drawer. A trace of helplessness emerged between Fu Hengyi's eyebrows.

Thinking that he had not contacted his grandpa for a long time, he then called home.


"Hengyi," Grandpa Fu's aged voice came over from the other side, filled with sadness.

Stunned, Fu Hengyi cast a glance at the number on the mobile phone. It was indeed his home phone number.

"Have you called Qinglan?" Fu asked.

Fu Hengyi's heart sank all of a sudden. The old man's tone sounded a little different. He had a bad feeling in his heart.

"No, anything happening at home?"

"What can happen in our family? It's your Grandpa Shen's family. Your Grandma Shen became unconscious this morning and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Although she came back to her mind, this time her conditions are not good. I'm afraid she won't be able to pull through. Even your Uncle Shen has hurried back from the army today. If it is convenient for you, then give Qinglan a call. She was the closest to her grandma—I'm afraid she will suffer a lot this time."

Fu Hengyi's heart sank. He could not help thinking of Shen Qinglan's indifferent and lonely figure.

After the call with Grandpa Fu, Fu Hengyi looked at Shen Qinglan's name on his mobile phone and dialed the number.

Soon, it got through. Out of the phone, however, came Shen Qinglan's tired voice, which made Fu Hengyi's heart hurt for no reason.


"It's Fu Hengyi."

"I know."

No more words were exchanged. It was so quiet that they could only hear each other's breathing.

"What's going on?" Finally, it was Shen Qinglan who spoke first. She had been in the hospital for a whole day that day and had just come back for some clean clothes. She was ready to leave again.

"Are you okay?" Fu Hengyi asked.

Shen Qinglan said, "I'm fine, thank you."

"Call me if there is something wrong."


They fell silent again. 

Just as Shen Qinglan was about to hang up, she suddenly thought of grandma's loving face and blurted out.

"Will you take me as your wife?"

It was only after speaking that she realized what she had said. However, since the damage had been done, she could only wait and see how he would respond. Nevertheless, for a long time there was no response from him. With her sensibility, she then added in indifference, "I'm sorry for my abruptness."

"Wait," Fu Heng said, "Are you serious just now?"

Shen Qinglan held her cell phone tightly, looking through the dark into the distance, "Yes."

"You should know that marriage is not a joke. Once I get married, I won't divorce easily. You may be bound with me for the rest of your life. Are you okay with that?" Fu Hengyi asked earnestly.

"I am."

"Are you sure?"

"I am sure."

"Well, I'll set out tonight and be back at noon at the latest. You have your ID card and permanent residence booklet ready. I'll see you at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau at noon tomorrow."


After she hung up the phone, Shen Qinglan's hand dropped feebly. She didn't know if her decision was a mistake. However, since her grandma was at the last gasp, she just couldn't bear to let the beloved old woman die uneasy.

Shen Qinglan indeed appreciated Fu Hengyi's cooperation—he hadn't even asked why.

Shen Qinglan walked into her grandparents' room. Grandpa Shen had been busy around the hospital the whole day but was not sleepy in the slightest, though it was not early then and he was indeed exhausted.

"Grandpa, are you asleep?" There was a knock at the door and Shen Qinglan's face appeared.

Grandpa Shen beckoned, "Come on in."

Shen Qinglan sat beside the bed. "Grandpa, why aren't you sleeping?"

"When people get old, they feel less sleepy," Grandpa Shen's face was covered with exhaustion, his eyes flashing with sadness.

"Grandpa, I want to ask you one thing. I hope you can agree," Shen Qinglan thought about how to say. After all, she was not sure whether grandpa would agree or not.

"What's the matter? Say it."

"I want to get married to Fu Hengyi tomorrow."

"Nonsense," As soon as she had finished talking, Grandpa Shen couldn't help lecturing his granddaughter. It was the first time in so many years that Grandpa Shen had reprimanded his granddaughter so severely.

Shen Qinglan knelt on the ground, eyes fixed on Grandpa Shen, looking stubborn, "Grandpa, please, say yes."

Grandpa Shen glared at his granddaughter, eyes filled with obvious flames of anger—he was very irritated.

Shen Qinglan knelt on the ground, still. Neither of them spoke. The room fell into a dead silence.

"Do you know what you're doing?" Grandpa Shen scolded in a low voice, with uncontrollable fury.

"I know. I made the decision out of serious deliberation rather than impulse."

"Shit!" Grandpa Shen was furious, "You have only met Fu Hengyi a few times and you are going to marry him? Do you know what kind of person he is? Do you know him?"

"I believe in grandpa's sight. He who can be praised by you will definitely not be wrong."

"Shen Qinglan, I think you are crazy. Do you know how much older than you Fu Hengyi is? You could even call him uncle." Grandpa Shen was fuming with rage, staring closely at his granddaughter.

"Grandpa, please agree."

Shen Qinglan did not speak, simply kneeling on the ground, looking stubborn.

"Shen Qinglan, I tell you, let go of that idea. I will certainly not agree to that."

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