837 Unfinished Business

Feeling a little shy, Justin extended his small hand as he said, "Nice to meet you too."

Raelle looked at his hand and then at him. She extended the flowers he gave her towards him making him frown in confusion. "You can shake the flowers. I don't like handshakes."

"Oh..." His lips made a small 'O' and he looked quite adorable doing it.

But he still held the one end of the flower as if he was shaking her hand and smiled at her in a well-behaved manner.Β 

Raelle noticed something and pointed at his chest asking, "Is that a Troodon?"

Little Justin looked at his shirt and looked up at her as he shook his head saying, "No, this is a Megalosaurus. That's my favorite dinosaur."

Raelle looked at the small embroidered dinosaur and paused before saying, "Are you sure that's a Megalosaurus?"


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