16 Day 16

The ride back started long, but Wanda helped get it going faster.

Instead of the ride being six hours, Wanda reduced it to roughly three and a half.

Do I really want to do this?

Do I really want to see tony- Mr. Stark again?

How much of our conversation was fake?

What will Mr. Starks reaction to me coming back be?

Will he hate me?

Will I ever get the chip out of my neck?

Will I ever be Spider-Man again?

I sighed as we landed on the top of the tower.


someone landed on the roof and everyone got into a fighting position.

We slowly and cautiously walked up the stairs and opened the door that led to the roof.

There was a huge helicopter there.

It is mine...

Fury stepped out and we all relaxed.

Then he came into my sights and my eyes filled with tears.


Walking out of the helicopter with Pietro and Wanda behind me, I saw something that I never thought would ever see.

Tony is crying.

He ran to me and gave me a hug.

My tears wetted his shirt, but I don't think he cares much.

Then I remembered the piece of metal that was shot into my neck forcefully.

I shoved him off of me even though I knew in my heart that I didn't want to.

He looked at me in confusion.

"Peter, what-"

"I'm not going to say a word of kindness towards you until you get this chip out of my neck."

He looked even more confused.

"How did you get off of the building if your chip was still in?"

Is he fucking kidding me right now.

"I got it out, well, Wanda got it out, but then just four hours ago, your robots came and gave me another one!" I told him angrily.

The amount of confusion that entered his face was bountiful.

"Kid, I didn't send any robots after you."

"Don't give me that bull shit Tony."

I handed him my phone.

He read the chat and a look of shock passed over his face.

"Peter, none of that was us. We have been trying to reach out to you but you never answered our texts. The whole conversation after you left is fake..." he said

"What? But-but who would do that?" I asked.

All of a sudden the roof opened up and we were all falling into a room.

The roof closed back up again and we were all trapped in darkness.

"Is everyone ok?" Asked... I think it was mama spider.

"Yeah mama I'm good!" I said.

One by one we stood up.

Vision, Wanda, tony, and Thor used their powers to light up the room.

It looked like the medbay had lost everything inside of it.

"To answer your question Peter, 'who would do that?' That... would be me."

We all looked around, but whoever was speaking is speaking through the speakers.

"Sorry for what is about to happen guys, but I have a score to settle, and the only way to get the winning score is to get to Peter."

Everyone moved around me, trying to protect me.

"Come on guys... don't be like that. Soon this will all be over. To make it easier on you guys, I'll give you all three minutes to say goodbye."

No one moved.

No one spoke.

"Well, bye guys. I guess I'm never going to see you again." I said, looking at the floor.

Tony walked over to me and pulled up my chin.

"Listen to me kid, I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I think I have an idea on who this is, but he will never hurt you as long as I am here."

I nodded me we looked at each other for a second.

Then we hugged.

After a few dozen seconds of hugging, I said, "does this mean I'm not in trouble for running away?"

"Oh no we are going to be having a proper discussion about that later. You are going to be grounded for at least a week."

"Only a week?"

"Yeah. I was mostly my fault for being an ass."


"Two weeks."

We both laughed.

Our Time is almost up.

"Well then. I guess it's more of a see you later."

They all nodded and hugged me.

"Before all of this shit goes down, I just wanted to say that you all have been a family to me that I haven't had in years and I love you all so much."

Tears formed in everyone's eyes.

All is a sudden, a circle opened up at each of our feet, and we were all split up into separate rooms.

I landed on my ankle and heard a snap.

A few seconds later a wave of pain spread from my leg.


I probably sprained it.

I got on my phone to get on the group chat before I realized that it was hacked.

And I am alone.

I decided to real quick rehack my phone back.

Once it could tell that everything was back to normal, my phone blew up with the messages from everyone.

I smiled as i saw a variety of messages rapidly shooting across the screen.

I shoved it in my pocket.

I will have to check those later.

Right now I have to focus on getting out of here.


"FRIDAY, light me up."

The room lit up as my suit glowed like multi colored glow worms.

The gold looked like pee though.

I going to have to fix that, pee and bloody red colors do not go well together.

I heard the coms turn on in my ear.

"Guys? Hey, Guys? Anyone on the coms?"

"Hello Toni."

"You. What have you done."

"What have YOU done."

"Where is Peter."

"Ah. The little spider. You know Toni, I thought that you didn't have a heart. That you had no soul. But you really seem to like this kid."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

He can't find out how much I care about him.

"Oh I think you do. This whole time I thought that the best way to hurt you was to go straight for you reputation. But no, it has occurred to me that you might actually give up the paparazzi for this little arachnid. I will squash him. Easily. Slowly. And you will never be the same again."

I looked around frantically.

"I swear if you touch a hair on his head I will burn you to a crisp." I said.

Suddenly all four walls of the room lit up.

It was security footage.

Of Peter.

While he was fighting us on the roof.

When I tried to shoot him.

Then it changed to when we all played paint ball.

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Then I'm his house, while he quickly running around, and I watched him pull an arrow out of his thigh and stab himself with a knife.

Just so that I wouldn't find out.

I looked down at the floor as I heard him say his last words to me.

"You lose."


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Anyway, to those of you who have not seen Ironman 2, Ivan is a bad guy to say the least. He is the villain in this story.

Love you all 3000!



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