11 Day 11-Saturday

I grabbed the hand that was on my shoulder and twisted it around, flipping my attacker in the air and knocking the breath out of him.

"Ow! Jesus bro! What did I do to you? I thought we were cool!"

I apologized to Pietro and helped him up.

"Sorry. Reflexes you know?"

He nodded.

We ducked into a room.

"Pietro, what is going on? Why are there bodies in the hall?"

"Some HYDRA people came in. We don't know what they were after yet, but the alarm should end soon. We took them down quickly and the survivors are currently waiting for S.H.E.I.L.D. To come and pick them up."

I nodded, understanding.

"FRIDAY. what time is it?"

"It is 6:46."

"Pietro, around nine I am going to go on patrol. Can you cover for me again?"

"Peter, why don't you just tell them who you are? They won't be extremely mad. You are just holding off the inevitable."

"I can't. I'm sorry. I am trying to find out how to tell them, but I'm just scared that they won't accept me as Spider-Man."

"Little bro, you've got to stop this. They have a plan. I don't know it yet, but it's a good plan. They nearly got you last time, this time I don't think you'll be so lucky."

I sighed.

"Ok Pietro. Just give me a few more weeks. I need to find out how to tell them."

He nodded in satisfaction.

The alarm stopped and we walked into the living room, where there were S.H.E.I.L.D agents swarming the place, cuffing the HYDRA team.

We sat down on the couch and turned the TV.

We scrolled through Netflix and finally decided on watching The Vampire Diaries.

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The rest of the avengers came in and joined us.

"Wow. I can't believe that THE ORIGINAL VAMPIRES are after Elena. Maybe all the stress will finally get Stefan and Elena together-"

"We have gone over this! Elena belongs with Damie-"

"No they do NOT!"

"You know they do!"

"They are complete opposites!"

"That is what is going to bring them together! You wait and see!"

"Quit being such a c-"

"WOW WOW WOW. LETS ALL JUST CHILL. everyone please calm down."

Clint and Bucky looked away from each other, huffing as Mama spider broke up the fight.

I tried not to laugh as I saw how childish they were being.

I checked the time.


Slowly and quietly standing up, I walked to the medbay, where I left my suit.

Quickly changing, I jumped out the window and swung to the nearest building.

After stopping a robbery, stopping a mugging, and grabbing a burger from a shoplifter, I sat down on the top of the Empire State Building and watched, once again, the millions of lights below me.

I felt a presence behind me.

"You know, I'm getting a serious case of Deja Vu."

Ironman, once again, was a few yards behind me.

Although I felt the rest of the team nearby.

Why is it always the same layout?

"Look spiderling, we will give you one more chance to surrender your identity and come with us. We have had enough of your games. Why don't you just come with us?"

Did I just hear... plea?

"I can't come with you because Spider-Man is all I have left. I've watched everyone I have ever cared about die. The last person I had kicked me out. I am now homeless. I may have gotten these powers by accident, but as long as I can help people I will never surrender my mask. Because Spider-Man is the only thing worthwhile about me."

I looked behind me to see Wanda she'd a tear.

The rest of the avengers team made a circle around me.

They each set down a metal device, which scared me.

What were they gonna do?!?

"Last chance. Please don't make me do this."

I got into a fighting stance.

"I already answered."

He sighed and pressed a button.

Each metal device whirred and sent a tendril of electricity at me, trapping me in a painful binding of blue electricity.

I screamed in pain as it burned me, over and over again, forcing me to my knees.

Thinking fast, I quickly shot webs at the devices, and broke them.

But I am still weak.

Their shock(hehe) was evident on their faces as I stood up.

They all came rushing at me at once.

All I could do was dodge.

Black Widow electrified my neck using her bracelet and I fell on my knees.

Steve and Bucky held down my arms as Mr. Stark put a foot on my chest.

"Tory, initiate F6 please..." I croaked.

I am too weak.

As his hand reached for my face I struggled and finally managed to get my arm free.

Working quickly before they could grab my arm again, I spun web around my neck, reassuring that they could take off my mask.

I heard them all grunt in frustration.

They put a net over me and attached me to Mr. Stark as darkness swallowed me.

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