10 Day 10-Friday

I sat down next to the dumpster, staring at the sky and thinking about my day.

But I don't think that anyone suspected that I am now homeless.

I decided to get one the avengers chat.

————————— ⚠️Group Chat⚠️

Hey, sorry I could make it to

the internship yesterday. I

am on my way


Spider dad❤️

It's fine kid

What time do you

think you can be here by?

About four thirty

Mama spider❤️


How was your day

At school?

It was ok. More easy


Spider sis

Is that flash kid giving

you any problems?

No ever since you guys

went after him he has left

me alone


Good. He knows not

To mess with the

spider fam

Lol thanks love you


Mama spider❤️

Love you too baby


Spider sis

Love you too little



Love U 2

Spider dad❤️

Love you too son




Told you tony

He's your son

Spider dad❤️


Yeah he is


Spider dad❤️


No no no

Don't 😊 me

Don't laugh at me

You can't laugh at

Tony freaking stark

😊 means

'I'm happy'


Even I knew that

I would never laugh

at my dad

Spider dad❤️

Funny, you didn't seem

Too exited when you

called me 'dad'


Ummmm looks like I'm

almost there. I'm going

to put my phone away





Lol see ya



Spider sis

Lol ok





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Mama spider❤️

Oh so you know

What that means


Bye baby spider

see u later


I rounded the corner, the building is in my sights.

As I walked into the elevator, I felt a pain in my stomach.

"Peter, you appear to be having symptoms of starvation. Would you like me to call Mr. Stark?"

My fast metabolism is obviously my doing well with me eating all day.

I doubled over in pain.

"No, no I'll be fine. I will have something to eat once I get there."

Ten seconds later I fell on the floor.

Thirty seconds later the door opened.

"Peter! Hey! How are y- PETER OH MY GOD."

Clint is obviously not very used to people arriving on the floor and in pain.

I felt arms pick me up and they carried me to the, well, what I think is the medbay.

The arms set me on the table and I looked around.

Mama spider, Wanda, Pietro, tony, Clint, Bruce, and Steve are all next to me.

"FRIDAY, What's wrong with Peter?"

"Peter is showing symptoms of starvation."

"Starvation? Holy shit kid. What is May doing to you?"

"It's not her fault."

"No no kid. Save your energy. I'm going to go get you something."

He walked out.

"I'm going to go help him. I'll be right back baby spider."

After mama spider left, Steve and Bruce followed her.

Then after a few minutes Clint left.

It is just me, Pietro, and Wanda now.

"Peter, what is going on?" Asked Wanda.

"Little bro, your my little brother. Tell us the truth, why are you starving?" Said Pietro.

I sighed, and rested my head on my pillow, closing my eyes.

"Remember when I said that my parents were mad about my attacking my brothers?"

They nodded.

"But, Peter, you said that nothing really happened." Said Wanda.

I nodded, my eyes still closed.

"I lied. They kicked me out. I'm homeless."

They stared at me.


"Please don't tell anyone. You guys have done enough for me already. And it would be a lot harder to do my patrols if I lived in the freaking avengers tower."

They nodded and then everyone else came back in with two sandwiches.

I ate them quickly.

They didn't ask any questions.

We just talked about stuff.

Then a ear piercing alarm came in through the hallway.

I covered my ears with my hands, my super sensitive hearing going crazy.

Everyone else poured into the halls.

After what felt like an eternity, the alarm turned back off.

I sat up and walked to the doorway.

There are sounds coming the hallway, grunts of pain and blade hitting flesh.

I opened it slowly.

The halls had red lights, making everything look like it was covered in blood.

I walked down the hall, stepping over bodies.

1...2...3...4 bodies on the ground.

That's it.

And each of them are wearing HYDRA uniforms.

I screamed as someone grabbed me from behind.

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