7 Chapter 7- Tuesday

I woke up with popcorn butter plastered to my face.

I looked around.

I'm laying on the couch.

My head is on Mr. Starks shoulder.

I stood up and checked the time.

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ITS 9:56

The floor is covered in popcorn.

Probably crushing hundreds of popcorns, I ran over to my bedroom and took a shower.

Then changed my clothes and ran into the kitchen.

Mama Spider, Mr. Stark, Steve, Wanda, and Pietro were all awake eating cereal.

I grabbed an apple and walked towards the elevator.

Pietro super speeded in front of me and hugged me.

Wanda came over too.

"Have a great day at school!" She said.

"If that Flash kid starts to bully you again tell me!" Yelled spider dad from the other side of the room.

I chuckled as Wanda, Pietro, and Mama spider nodded in agreement.

"If he does, I'll let you know." I said.


I arrived at school.

Almost immediately I spotted flash coming over to me.

His goons weren't here today.


"Hello Flash. How are you today?" I asked.

He gave me an evil grin

"I'll be a lot better than you in five minutes."

Then he punched me.

Multiple times.

Stomach, nose, then once I fell to the ground he started to kick me.

It only lasted four minutes but it seemed like an eternity.

Once he left And I washed my face, I went to school like normal.

Trying to Ignore he throbbing pain of my broken nose.


I walked back to the tower.

My face was covered with my hoodie.

Friday spoke once I was in the elevator.

"Mr. Parker, I suggest you get medical attention. You have several large bruises on your stomach, chest, face, and back. Along with minor internal bleeding, a broken nose, cracked ribs, and a minor concussion. Would you like me to call Mr. Stark and alert him of your issue?" She asked.

"NO! I mean, sorry FRIDAY. Please don't tell mr. stark. I'm fine. I'll heal fast." I said.

"Mr. Parker, for your safety I have to tell Mr. Stark." She responded.

"No FRIDAY! Please no!" I said.

"Mr. stark has been alerted. I'm redirecting you to his lab under his orders."

I sighed.


"FRIDAY, how many people are on their way to his lab?"

"Three. Pietro, Wanda, and Agent Romanoff."

It is going to be fun.

The door opened and they all came rushing towards me.

"Bro! What happened?" Asked Pietro, hugging me.

Once he let go Mama spider took my face in her hands and looked at my black eye.

"I... um... tripped. On a tree."

They all looked at me with raised brows.

"It was that flash kid wasn't it?"

Asked Wanda.

I looked at her for a second, then nodded.

Mama spider looked about ready to explode.

"Ugh! That kid again! Wanda, is it legal to kill a kid?" She asked.

Wanda looked down.

"Yes. It's illegal to kill anyone. Apparently its mean."

Mama spider looked at me again and hugged me.

She hit my bruises and I gasped in pain.

Everyone narrowed their eyes at me.

"FRIDAY, List off peters injuries." Said Mr. Stark.

"Mr Parker had several large bruises on his stomach, chest, face, and back. Along with minor internal bleeding, a broken nose, cracked ribs, and a minor concussion." She responded.

Pietro stood up.

"I'm gonna kill that kid." He said.

Wanda stopped him.

"Pietro, stop. We can't. But we CAN teach him a lesson. Let's go. Peter, we are going to be out for a while. See you later." She said.

Mr. stark, mama spider, and Pietro followed Wanda into the elevator.

I ran and got my suit on.

I jumped out of the window and looked for them.

A few minutes later I found them, they had cornered Flash in an alleyway.

I jumped in front of them.

"Sorry, can't let you do that." I said.

They looked at me with venom.

I grabbed flash and webbed the corner of a tall building.

We shot into the air and I looked behind me.

Wanda was using her magic to try and stop me.

"Where do you live?" I asked him.

He pointed to the left and he directed me to his house.

I got him there without problem.

But once he was in there, I looked to my left.

Iron man was right next to me.

He grabbed me and flew me up into the air.

I struggled and he grabbed harder.

Once we were about level with the clouds, he turned me to face him.

"I'm sorry kid. I really wish I didn't have to do this. You don't deserve this. I wish I could leave you alone. Your saving lives. I really am sorry."

A tear fell from my eyes and I struggled more.

His grip tightened around my neck and his hand reached up to my face.

Suddenly my spidey sense flared and I looked behind him.

There was a helicopter behind him.

About fifty yards.

How did I not hear or notice it?

It aimed a gun at Mr. Stark.

I grabbed his hand holding my neck and I prayed it off if me.

I fell and I grabbed his foot with my hand.

I flung myself up in his way at the same time as him turning around.

One of my legs were straight, while the other was bent.

We were facing each other for about a millisecond before three bullets bloomed in my chest.

I screamed in pain.

Mr. stark shot the helicopter down.

I fell, silently. Not making a sound.

Mr. Stark flew under and caught me.

He put his mask up.

Confusion was all over his face.

Darkness consumed me as I heard him yelling at me to keep my eyes open.

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