6 Chapter 6- Monday

I slowly laid down on my bed.

I am covered in bruises and burns.

My patrol was a fire today.

Surprisingly no one tried to kidnap me this time.

I miss the avengers tower. I miss my home.

Not only because they are my family, but because the people here are mean.

There are two other boys here that are older than me, and they are worse than flash.

The father here doesn't stick up for me because he thinks that what is happening is a valuable life lesson.

To stick up for yourself.

They also go through my stuff a lot.

I've had to get very creative with my hiding places for my equipment.

At least I have my own room.

——————————————🕷spider gang🕷

Hello family

Mama spider❤️

Baby spider!!!!!

Spider sis

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Prank papa



Little brother!!!!!

Spider dad❤️



God, I miss you all so much!!

Mama spider❤️

We miss you too baby


How's your new


Ummmm...It's ok...

Um, totally unrelated, but

say your nose was

dislocated... what do I do?

Spider dad❤️



what?! No!!! But um,

remember Flash?

Spider sis


Well,imagine two of him.

Those are my 'brothers'.

They are asswipes. The 'parents'

don't do anything and they

don't want me to have a phone

so I have to sneak this

Mama spider❤️

I'm coming to pick you up

Your spending the night.

Spider sis


can I come?


Yay!! Can I come too????


Mama spider❤️


Spider dad❤️

I'll drive!!!!

OH MY GOD I'm so exited!!!

I love you guys so much!!!!!

Seriously though how do

you fix a dislocated nose

Mama spider❤️


Ok! Love you mama!

Mama spider❤️

Love you too!

Be there in thirty!


I walked out of my room after quickly packing my bag.

"Um. Mr. And Mrs. Baker? Could I spend the night at a friends house?" I asked.

"Sure kid. Call us when you are ready to come home." Said 'father', not looking away from his screen.

I smiled and ran out into the front yard.

I waited by my mailbox for them and three minutes later they arrived.

They all climbed out of the car and hugged me.

"Spider gang!" I said and hey all laughed.

"Little brother! Bring me to your siblings! We need to have a chat!" Said wanda.

I nodded nervously.

She followed me inside the house.

She wrinkled her nose when the strong scent of alcohol hit her face.

I brought her to the back room, which is their bedroom.

When Wanda entered the room, they started nudging each other.

God they look like idiots.

She smiled sweetly at them.

"Peter I'm going to talk with them for a Bit. Wait by the car. I'll be right there."

I nodded and she closed the door behind me.

I swear I heard her lock it.

I walked out to the car and we talked while we were waiting for Wanda.

Once she arrived, we hit the road.

We talked about what we would do once we got there.

Suddenly I had an idea.

What if i asked my 'parents' what their limit for me staying here was and I just stayed that long?

Turns out, the limit is the weekend.

So I'm just going to spend a the week with them!

I mean, I don't have enough clothes for that but it will be fine!

I'm sure I can just borrow some clothes from my brother.

As the elevator to the avengers level opened, I heard Prank papa say, "WHO THE HELL WOULD KIDNAP ELENA??!!?!?!"

I laughed and everyone looked at me in shock and smiled.

I guess they didn't know I was coming.

Clint ran to me and Gave me a giant hug.

"Son! I missed you so much! How long are you staying?" He asked.

I smiled back at him.

"Until Sunday."

"Great! I can take you to shoot a bow and arrow on Wednesday! And a week is plenty of time to play paint ball with everyone! And we can have movie nights! Want to come and watch The Vampire Diaries with us?"

I shrugged and put my backpack next to the door.

"Hold on, so, Stephen likes Elena and Damien likes Elena but Stephen and Damien are brothers and Stephen is dating Elena kind of and Elena is adopted and her great great grandmother looks like she's in her twenties and for some reason doesn't want to kill Elena even though she hates her and kills people on a regular basis? Whaaaaaaaaaat?"

That all nodded and added more information.

This show is seriously confusing but so so sooooooooo addicting.

I grabbed a handful of popcorn and basically inhaled it.

Steve laughed and then we started to competitively eat popcorn.

The competition soon turned into a popcorn throwing free for all.

These guys are my true family.

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