3 Chapter 3-Friday (field trip)

Oh my god

Oh my god

Oh my god




ok. I've got to be calm.

I don't want to freak him out.

I've got this.


On the old yellow bus, there were forty six kids and five adults.

And one flash.

And two flash goons.

Flash is convinced that he is smarter than everyone else.

Even though he never pays attention and class and doesn't even know what an A grade looks like.

He intends on beating me because he thinks that Mr. Stark is going to see how 'awesome' he is and automatically hire him.

I know that he isn't going to get it.

Which means he is going to take his anger out on me.

Which is going to be painful.

And mama spider is watching me to see who is bullying me.

I decided to talk to my family for a bit.


                                      Hi fam! Good morning!

Mama spider❤️

Morning honey

Is everyone in position?

Spider sis




Prank papa


Mama spider❤️

Ok. Operation

bully bust is in


                                                            Um what?

Spider sis

We are going to be stalking

you all day to find out who

is bullying you and teaching

him not to mess with our family.

                                                     Awwww guys!      

                                             I love you❤️❤️❤️

Spider dad❤️

Love you too kid

Oh! I forgot!

Word of you has spread

throughout the rest of the

family. There are kind of

three families and they

are all connected.

This families name

was recently changed to

spider gang and when the

other teams found out why

they decided that they wanted

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to meet you. Are you ok

with being in a 

Bigger chat with everyone?

                                    Sure! Sounds awesome! 

                          But Um, after the trip please?

                         I don't need people spamming

                               my pocket during the tests

Spider dad❤️

Fair enough

                                Are they in Bully Bust too?

Spider sis


                              I'm.... going warn flash not    

                                      to hurt me today then.   

                          Actually, I might want backup

                          for that. He is probably going   

                                          to see it as a threat


Mama spider❤️




                                                            Dang it!!!!


Got it. I'll have my eyes

on this FLASH bitch at

All times

                                      Look guys, the bus just

                                   stopped. You will now be

                                  seeing me but I can't see

                                you. I love you all talk later

                                               have a great day.



I hit the power button once before they could answer and put my phone in my pocket as everyone started to climb out of the vehicle.

I felt spamming in my pocket and a few seconds later it stopped.

I looked around.

But I don't see anyone.

I felt flash trip me and my phone started buzzing again.


My phone skidded out of my pocket and flash picked it up.

He sniggered then looked at his 'friends' who roughly grabbed me and dragged me behind the bus where no adults could see us.

"What this Parker?" He said waving around my phone.

"Who are all of these people saying 'I love you'?"

He punched me in the stomach.

The goons threw me to the floor and flash helped me up.

"Here's your phone peter" he said sweetly.

Then he punched me in the eye.

Then the stomach.

Then the back.

Then the nose.

It's a miracle that my nose didn't break.

After a few kicks to the stomach l, I heard a shuffle then a yell.

I looked up to see that the goons were long gone, and flash was being held down and kicked by three people with masks.

"Hi guys."

They looked at me.

"Peter!" They said.

One girl looked 17. She must be Wanda. spider sis.

The boy next to her must be peitro then. And that men's that the woman standing next to them is mama spider.

"Spider gang!" I said and they laughed as we had a group hug.

"Should we be doing this? Should we be talking to each other? oh my god where did everyone go? Oh my god did they start the internship tests yet? Oh my god I going to be late!" I said.

They all laughed and Wanda showed me where everyone was.

"Thanks sis." I said.

"No problem little brother." She said back and we both smiled before hugging again.

I walked into the room as sat down.



I saw Peter walking in late.

With a black eye!?


He looked super exited though.

I was about to start the presentation when the whole team showed up with a kid.

Soooo this was flash.

The guy beating up my kid.

I told him to get back into class.

Natasha scowled at me.

"Your just going to let him get away with it? He's beating up Peter tony!" She said.

"No. I am not letting him go that easily. I am going to pinpoint him every five minutes with a question that I KNOW only Peter can answer. So when he can't answer it I will ask if anyone else knows it and every time Peter will know. Which will make him look good and Flash look bad. Then I'm going to put a virus on his phone."

They looked pleased with my plan.

We all know how much Peter wants this job.

He's the only qualified person here.


After the introduction there was a presentation.

Mr. Stark kept asking flash extremely hard questions.

But even thought he couldn't answer it, I could.

So I did.

And I have gotten every one right so far.

I saw my spider family in the back smiling.

I smiled back.

After this current project there is a Q&A with Mr. Stark then lunch break.

I'm planning on spending lunch break texting  with my spider gang.

Is weird to think that the guy who attacked me a few days ago is planning on making someone in our grade, hopefully me, his intern.


Now it is time for Q&A.

"Does anyone have any questions for me?" Asked Mr. Stark.

I was the only one who raised their hand.

He called on me. "Yes?"

"Hello! My name is Peter. And how exactly does your AI work? I've made one for," (my Spider-Man suit )" household use. But it's not as advanced as yours."

Everyone stared at me in shock.

Even mr. stark.

The spider gang gave me a thumbs up.

"Wow. Well. We have a winner for the internship." He said.

I looked at him in shock.


"Peter. Can you please meet me outside of the room during lunch break? Which is now."

Everyone walked out to get their lunch while I walked outside of the room.

"So. Work days are Monday's to Saturday's. Time is 4-10. You will be in the 60th floor. That is also where my lab is along with the avengers living space. Here's your badge. Work starts on Monday."

Oh my god.

I can't believe it.

I Did it.

I nodded and he let me go to lunch.

I pulled out my phone to talk to the spider gang when two people came up behind me and grabbed me.

They pulled me into a nearby room.

I turned around out of reflex and webbed them both to the wall.

I looked at them.


It's Wanda and peitro.

They looked at me calmly.

"Hey Spider-Man. Could you please let us go now?" Asked peitro.

I apologized and sprayed the dissolvant onto  the web.

Once they were free they took off their masks.

"Sorry guys, I freaked out a bit. How long have you known?" I asked them.

Peitro laughed. "your a teenager who gets stabbed on a daily basis who also happens to nickname people after spiders. It's kind obvious."

I looked at him.

"Who knows? Because Fury ordered the avengers to capture me."

Wanda said, " just us. No one else. So!" She clapped her hands " we have an hour and thirty minutes till you have to go to class again. What do you want to do?"

"I haven't seen the 60th floor yet. I kinda want to check it out. Then I'm going to let dad know that I'm ready for the full chat. Or I could do that right now." I pulled out my phone and sent spider dad a quick text.

Then I looked up to see Wanda and peitro smiling at me.

"What?" I asked

"Do you want to play paint ball in the avengers exercise gym?" Asked Wanda.


"Of course I want to play paint ball with my siblings in the avengers exercise room! Wait. Why do you guys have clearance to it?" I asked.

They looked at each other.

"We were sorta adopted by the avengers." They said.

Ok that's super cool.

We ran upstairs to get ready to play paint ball.


They gave me a jumpsuit to put over my clothes so they didn't get messy.

It is an ugly orange color.

Great for blending in.

At first it was just a free for all with the three of us, but Clint saw us and so did Natasha, so they decided to joint us.

After about fifteen minutes the whole avengers team has played.

Clint, peitro, Wanda, Sam, Scott, Steve, and dr. Strange are all out, watching me,Natasha, Bruce, Bucky, and Thor play.

My spider sense was super handy in this situation.

I dodged, jumped, sidestepped, and sometimes the occasional backflip.

I shot Natasha and Bucky.

Now it's just me,Thor, and Bruce.

I easily shot Bruce and I started to circle Thor.

Suddenly I jumped into the air,leaping over him like a Giselle, and shot him.

I won.

Peitro and Wanda ran up to me.

"That was amazing!" Said Wanda

"Yeah little bro! You need to teach me that stuff! Great job!" Said peitro as he gave me a noogie.

There was a bruise there from flash earlier, although it is fading, it still hurts.

I winced and he let go of me.

"What's wrong baby spider?" Asked mama spider, coming over.

"Nothing, just an old bruise..."

Mama spider walked away to scold Clint for being so bad at paintball and letting a kid take him down.

I hugged Wanda and peitro.

"You guys are seriously the coolest siblings ever. I am so lucky to have you guys."

They smiled and hugged me back.

I checked my watch.

Lunch ends in...

Five minutes!?

I said my quick goodbyes and my siblings walked me to my room.

I hugged them one last time and they left.

I walked into the class and sat down as we started our next activity.


I got home around three thirty.

I automatically started to text my family.

They really are like family to me.

We have a bond that I have never shared with anyone before.

————————————spider gang

                                             Hi family!❤️❤️❤️

Mama spider❤️

Hi baby spider!!!

Prank papa

Hello son!

Spider dad❤️

Hi kid!!❤️

Spider sis

Hi bro!!!


Hey little dude!!

                                 How was your guises day


Mama spider❤️

Pretty good!

You rock at paintball!

                                                Lol thanks mama

Spider sis

I'm going to go on the

Group chat that has

everyone on it

                                          Oh my gosh! I forgot

                                         about that! I'll get on


————————————⚠️big Fam⚠️




What is this?


Is this the group chat

with the kid on it??


Oh my god I hope so!


I saw him at the SI and

he's adorable!

                                            Ok hello everyone

                                       I'm Peter Also known

                                      as emotiony And I am  

                                          NOT adorable. I am

                                    totally intimidating and




Oh my god he is seriously

the cutest thing. I'm

sooooooo jealous!

We need a kid in our

family like this one!

Hi kid I'm Steve, but

everyone calls me Cap

for some reason

Hey! Why can't I have

a cool spider name?

Mama spider❤️

Your not a part of the

Spider family


Fair enough


Hi my name is Bruce,

I hate green and I'm

super smart


Hey kid. My name is Bucky

And I HATE the cold, and

love helping people


Hello child

I am strange and

Take everything seriously


Hello. I like birds and

My favorite color is black


Hello! I like ants and can

get very small when I want


I own 40 ant farms!


Hello I am Very interested in

thunder and lightning

                                Well it's awesome to meet

                                                            you guys!

Mama spider❤️

Isn't he the sweetest?

Spider sis

You WISH you had a

brother this awesome!


Yeah I do...


We have heard a lot

About you from Nat,

Clint, tony, Wanda, and


                                       Awwww! You guys talk

                                           about me! I love you


Mama spider❤️

We love you too baby spider!

Spider sis

Love you too bro!

Spider dad❤️

What about me???


Spider dad❤️

Love you too kid!

How was your day?

                                      I got the internship!!!!!

                                         And the spider gang

                                         kicked flash's ass! It

                                      was seriously the best

                                day ever! How was yours?

Spider dad❤️

It was great! And congrats!

I know how much you

wanted that internship!!!

I'm so proud of you kid!

                                                    Thanks dad!!!!

                                                          Love you!!!

Spider dad❤️

Love you too kid!


You guys are so adorable!!!




That was the cutest thing

I've ever seen!

Other than Peter trying to

Be scary

                                              Hey! I'm terrifying!


Kid, your a puppy

Mama spider❤️




                                               love you mama!!!


Mama spider❤️

Love you too baby








                                 Hold on, someone calling.

                                                 I'll be right back


I walked over to the phone and picked it up

"Is this Peter Parker?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"This is the New York hospital. You aunt has died. I am sorry to inform you that she was hit by a drunk driver this morning."

"Thank you. Have a great day."

I hung up and went back to the chat.

————————————⚠️big fam⚠️

Mama spider❤️

Who was it?

                                   It um. It was the hospital

Spider dad❤️


What happened!?

                                                    It-it's my aunt

Spider sis

What happened?!

                          She was hit my a drunk driver

                                                        this morning

Spider dad❤️

Oh my god is she ok???

                                                  She's dead dad

                                               I'm running away

                                I can't go to the system!!!


But don't you have an

uncle or your parents?

                               My parents died in a plane

                                   and my uncle died in my

                                     arms shortly before my

                               girlfriend was shoved off a

                                 building and she died too


I am sorry for your losses







Mama spider❤️


Peter pack your bags!

I'm coming to pick you up!

Spider dad❤️

Make sure you have enough

clothes to last you a while

idk how long your staying

                                                   Wait seriously?

Spider sis

Of course!


Did you think your family

was going to sit by as

someone took you away?

I don't think so! If anyone

tries to take you they are

going to have to go through


Spider sis

And me!

Mama spider❤️

And me!

Spider dad❤️

You better believe that

they are going to have to

go through me!


Spider sis

What did we say?

                          You didn't do anything wrong    

                           I don't think anyone has ever

                          cared for me like you guys do

                           in years, and I've only known

                               you people for like a week.

                                  I seriously love you guys

                                                            so much!

Mama spider❤️

We all love you too!

Tony is crying in the corner

Spider dad

I'm not!

Mama spider❤️

I'll be there in ten minutes


I packed most of my clothes.

I packed my suit and my three pairs of web shooters first.

That is the most important.

Then I packed our family album and then waited by the door for two minutes.

I heard a knock in the door and I opened it.

Black widow was right in front of me.

I smiled

"I guess 'mama spider' is a more accurate name than I thought."

She chuckled and nodded.

Then we drove to the Avengers tower.

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