15 Chapter 15

As the robots swarmed the place, I noticed that they were all robotic, and had the stark on them.

And Wanda's eyes were red.

Which meant she was about to do something.

All of a sudden, the agents were kicked out and the helicopter gave a lurch.

We were in the air in seconds, and going faster east.

"Tory! Bring us somewhere safe!" I yelled as something hit the side of the helicopter.

I looked out the window, all six of the robots were coming after us.

By flying.

Wanda started to pick them off, one by one after she let go of the helicopter.


Where's the sixth one?

Suddenly, the door next to me swung open, and I felt something hit my neck.

It better not be what I think it is.

Pietro quickly ripped it apart and shoved it out the doorway.

I sighed and sat down.

"What the hell was that?!" Yelled Wanda.

"He could have killed us! What was he trying to do anyway?"

I put my face in my hands.

"He was trying to give me another chip."

"But... he didn't get it in you... did he?"

I moved my collar, showing them the new wound.

Wanda looked down.

"Ugh. I guess I just have to pull it out again."

We got ready as Pietro watched from the corner of the room.

"Wanda. When are you going to do it?" I asked after two minutes of waiting.

I turned around to see her straining.

"It's not working!" She said.

"What do you mean it's not working!?"

"It's not coming out!"

I growled.

Of course it's not.

Tony wouldn't be that stupid.

————————————⚠️Group Chat⚠️

What the hell is wrong

with you tony!?!?

Mama spider❤️

What did he do

Baby spider





Mama spider❤️



Tony what is wrong with



I did what I had to do to

protect my son

You don't have a son


Spider sis

How could you do this?


What the heck!


We almost died!


No you didn't.

I programed them to

Give Peter the chip,

send Me their location,

Put a tracker on the

Helicopter, then leave!

Spider sis

They almost knocked us

Out of the sky!


Yah right


It's your fault that

You went in the air




Sorry bud

Karmas a bitch

Mama spider❤️

You may have made us

Sign the accords, but I

swear, if you EVER try to

Hurt my kids EVER AGAIN,

You'll be feeling a lot

more than karma


You might not want to

Threaten me like that


Like the accords say,

You do what I tell you



You are going to be

back in no time.

Spider sis

Fuck off!


What the hell is wrong

With you?!



Now come home now

Or we will make you



I'm sorry Peter,

Tony made us sign the

Accords putting him in


We have to do what he

tells us now.

I need to go

I love you guys


I set my phone down with tears in my eyes.

Why would mr. Stark do this?

He used to be like my dad.

Although I don't have my spidey sense, I feel like something is off.

I slowly stand up and walk to the door that leads to the next room.

There is no one in here.

Silently creeping to the other side of the room next to the door to the next room, I try to think about what could be going on.

But nothing comes up.

I kicked open the last door to find a cloaked person standing over the bodies of Wanda and Pietro.


I sit on the couch with my hands over my face.

I have not moved from this couch since Peter left.

As soon as I saw he was gone I realized the gravity of my mistake.

I realized what I had done wrong.

I haven't attended any meetings.

They have been gone for almost three days.

And I have to find them.

They could be in danger.

Natasha came over to me with some water.

"You ready?" She asked.

I nodded.

"FRIDAY, activate project 591034."

A hole appeared in the table, and a robot came out.

It looked almost exactly like my suit only it is silver.

Once you become an avenger, you are secretly given a chip.

This chip sends off a location.

It can also kill the host of it.

Pietro and Wanda both have these chips.

This robot is going to use the chips to find their location and bring them back.

Natasha put her hand on my shoulder as I looked down.

The robot launched itself into the sky and headed east.


The cloaked guy looked at me.

"Your a hard guy to track down." He said.

"Who the hell are you? And why did you do to Pietro and Wanda?" I asked him, getting into a fighting position.

He raised his eyebrows at me.

"I'm Fury. And your Peter. I need to ask you something important."


This is the dude that wanted me to join the avengers.

I relaxed a bit.

Not like he is going to attack someone he is trying to recruit.

"I would like to formally invite you into the avengers."


Yeah. I know.

But. Maybe it's not such a bad idea.

"What about the accords? If I join the avengers do I need to sign the accords?"

He frowned.

"What accords?"

"You know, the accords that make it so that the avengers have to do everything that Tony says."

His frown deepened.

"There is no such thing. Look kid, ever since you left the avengers have been a mess. Tony is barely eating, and-"

"Wait what? I've been taking to them all day!"

He narrowed his eyes at me.

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"What? Let me see."

I passed him my phone.

"There is no such thing as these accords they are talking about. And Tony on here looks like a villain who will stop at nothing to get you back. Tony in the tower is shattered, and resentful."

So he did love me.

"But, wait, then what is this?"

He looked at me.

"This is fake."

I looked at me phone.


"Well then. I might as well join the avengers."

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