13 Chapter 13- Sunday semi reveal P2

"Peter?" Said mama spider.

I nodded and broke the cables binding me.

"But... how... why... what?" She added in shock

"I'm sorry mama. I didn't mean for you guys to find out like this. I was going to tell you in a couple days. I just wanted two more days to be Spider-Man before I joined the avengers."

She pulled me in a hug.

"It's ok baby spider-"

"No it's not." Interrupted Mr. Stark.

We all looked at him.

He is the only one who seemed pissed off by the idea of me being Spider-Man.

"Do you realize what you have done? You have put yourself in danger multiple times! We have hurt you! Multiple times! Those stab wounds and dislocated noses weren't from muggings, they were from us!"

Everyone looked down with guilt and shame.

"Being a hero is to dangerous for you. I forbid you from being Spider-Man any longer."

I stood up.

"You can't do that!"

"I just did. FRIDAY, initiate protocol spider chip."

My spidey sense warned me of something coming at me but I reacted too slowly.

Something shot into my neck and I felt it wedge it's way under my skin.


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I yelled at him.

"I just disabled your powers. No more Spider-Man, no more danger. And since your homeless, you can stay here. it now makes sure that you stay inside the building."

I stared at him.

"You can't do this. You have no right."

"Yeah well too late. I just did. No one else was going to take action. So I had t-"

"You didn't HAVE to do anything! You don't get to tell me what to do because you aren't my dad! I want nothing to do with you! Now GET THIS FUCKING PIECE OF METAL OUT OF MY NECK."

He shook his head.

"This is what it best for you. Even if no one else sees it."

I walked calmly out of the room and walked up to the ceiling.

I knew that he would have a problem with it, but I never expected him to take my powers.

I guess I was right.

I couldn't trust him from the beginning.

I stood up there, on the roof for hours.

Eventually, while I was on the roof, someone came up behind me.

Without my spidey senses I could only tell that they were there once they put their hand on my shoulder and sat down next to me.

"Peter... Peter I'm so sorry. I didn't think he would do that."

"It's fine mama. I don't think anyone did."

We sat there in silence, watching the horizon with oranges and golds and pinks.

It was beautiful.

Pietro and Wanda sat down with us.

"Peter. I'm really sorry."

"It's fine Pietro."

We sat there together for about two more minutes beforeWanda spoke.

"Peter... Peter I have an idea."

I looked at her.

"An idea for what?"

She bit her bottom lip.

"An idea to get the chip out of your neck."

I gaped at her.

I had completely forgotten that she had the power to move things with her mind.

I nodded and she took a deep breath.

"This is going to hurt."

I nodded and mama spider grabbed my hand.

"Ok.3....2....1.... wait."

I sighed.

I was completely prepared for the pain.

"What is is Wanda?"

She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Peter... if I do this then you will have to run away. Tony will never stop trying to control you."

I looked down.

She was right.

"I mean, you will have me and Pietro with you, but are you ready to leave everything here? Behind?"

I looked at her.

She is coming?

"As long as you guys are coming, I will be fine."

She smiled.

"Ok then. 3....2.....1!"

I felt a sharp pain in my neck as the metal chip was ripped from my flesh.

But I felt my powers again.

I smiled at her and we all hugged.

"Wait. What about you mama? Are you coming too?" I asked.

She shook her head, tears falling.

"I'm sorry baby spider. But I am going to stay here and keep them off your trail."

I cried as I said goodbye to her.

Me, Pietro, and Wanda, all packed our bags and got ready to leave.

Once we were all ready, I signed a note of farewell to everyone.

And a very detailed picture of a middle finger to tony.

We got on a helicopter, Mama spider told me that she disabled all the tracking devices on our phones and the helicopter.

We hopped on, and I hooked up Tory to the Helicopter.

I told her to bring us somewhere where we would be safe from the avengers, somewhere where they will never find us.

Once Tory and I agreed on a safe location, I walked to the back to be with Wanda and Pietro.

"Hi guys."



We sat there in silence.

It's dark outside and we have no idea what to talk about.

"Do you guys want to talk on the avengers chat and give Tony hell?" Asked Wanda.

Me and Pietro chuckled and nodded.

————————————⚠️Group Chat⚠️

Hi guys

Spider sis ❤️

Hi guys...


Um. Hi

Spider dad❤️



/emotiony changed SpiderDad❤️ to Tony/


Come on kid

I did it to protect you


Don't even start with

that bullshit


Kid this isn't a game

There are people coming

For you

Then let them come

I've got my powers back

now. And if I can kick

Iron mans ass, I can kick

Theirs too


This isn't funny

I know it isn't

But I'd rather be with

Wanda and Pietro than be

In the same building as you

Because they are my

REAL family


Tony leave them alone



Mama spider❤️

I am so proud of you

Baby spider


You were a part of this!?

Mama spider❤️

You bet I was


He's my kid!

NO! no I'm NOT

Because you don't shoot your son

with a FUCKING CHIP. Being

Spider-Man and being with my

family were the only two things that

made me happy. I don't care that I am

homeless because I am with two

people that I know will never turn

their backs on my like you did.

For the past two weeks, you were

closest thing that I had to a dad

Tony. Actually, you practically

WERE my dad. But now that I know

what you do to the people who care

about you,

I want nothing to do with you


Good job kid









Mama spider


Prank papa


Mama spider❤️

I love you so much

Baby spider.

Run as far as you

can away from tony

and Keep in touch

Wanda, Pietro, Peter,

you are the sun and

The stars to me

Take care of each other

And make sure that you

guys don't die

I love each of you so much






Take a hint Tony


We all fell asleep snuggling next to each other, because we all know that everything is going to go downhill from here.

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