1 Chapter 1- Monday

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I slammed my hand down on my clock, silently cursing.

I hate that clock.

I looked at the time.

It's 10:19


Aunt May is getting her checkup and won't be back until 4:30.

The doctors office is a long way away.

Surely my straight A grade can handle a day off?

My phone dinged.

Steve I swear if you don't

stop I'm going to send

Nat on you

I looked at it in confusion.

Who's Steve?

Who is this?

I Texted back.



Who is this?

The response is almost immediate.

Oh I'm sorry.

Dumbass gave me the

wrong number.

I'm Tony.

What's your name?



Can't tell you that

Stranger danger

But I can definitely confirm

that I am a grown adult

with a very realistic beard

Soooooo your 15?




You literally just fretted

about stranger danger

then commented about

how realistic your beard is.

You don't use periods.

I also tracked your number

and looked you up.

Straight A's?


I'm impressed

And that doesn't happen



Ok I'm scared now

Are you going to kidnap




My job is literally helping

people and saving lives!

Btw, nice emotiony.

That your new name.

I'm saving it to contacts.

Guess I'm just going to

have to trust you on


Wait don't you have



I looked up and down my body.

I am covered in wounds.

There was still a open stab wound that was bleeding through the bandage that I hastily added last night after patrol.

I looked back at my phone.


Um. I got hurt so I have

made the decision to not

go to school today.

My grades can handle a

day off.

TOTALLY unrelated question,

do you know how to treat a

stab wound?

Asking for important help



Jeez kid what did you do?!

Do I need to call your aunt

or the police?!?!


I mean...

Please don't tell anyone



I'll tell you how to treat it.


Thank you, it's stopped


No problem

Seriously though, do I

need to be concerned?

No there is no need

to be concerned

This happens all the time!



We talked for hours.

Around two we called And talked for two more hours.

Aunt May should be home soon.


Aunt May opened the door around six, looking weak and tired.

She always has late night shifts and early morning shifts so we only have Monday nights together.

But This time, I could tell she was tired, she went to bed and didn't come out until I told her that the pizza arrived.

And even then she only asked what kind it was.

When she found out there wasn't pineapple on it she went back to bed.

I went to my room and put my suit on.

Then I put on my web shooters.

I jumped out of the window and webbed the corner of a large building.

After about an hour of swinging, I stopped on the ceiling of a large building.

Not a minute later I sensed someone, TWO someone's behind me.

"Mr. Stark. Nice to meet you in person. You've always been my idol, but I think that right now isn't really the time to ask you for a selfie."

I heard his repulsers power up.

"Sorry kid. Maybe later. Fury really wants us to find out your identity. Can't leave my boss hanging you know? Work comes before fans."

I heard Mrs. Romanoff come up from the shadows and she tried to shock me.

I dodged out of the way and jumped.

"Look, tin can, I'm sorry but I can't tell you that. Or show you for that matter. I can tell you that I'm not a threat, but I can't tell you anything else."

I was about to jump off the roof, but I felt Iron Man shoot me in the back.

Instead of gracefully landing on the floor I thudded onto the pavement, making a large crack.

Black widow jumped to the floor and threw a knife at me. I dodged it for the most part but it sliced right through my shoulder, making a large cut.

I gasped in pain and jumped back into the ceiling where Ironman still was.

He blasted me, but I jumped up and he hit Black widow as she landed on the roof.

Unconscious, she fell to the floor, two stories up.

My stupid heart of gold made me circle back and save her.

I set her down gently on the cement before swinging back to the apartment, my shoulder throbbing.


As soon as I opened the first aid kit I realized that I have no idea what I am doing.

I got on my phone before deciding to text Tony about what to do.

I checked the clock before sending the text.


hey. Um. Do you know how to

treat a large cut on your left



It is actually my right shoulder. But the less people who know valid info on it the better.


Seriously kid, do I need

to be worried about you?

No, but I really need to know.



Actually, I got mugged and

my aunt is asleep and I don't

want to scare her



I've been hurt a few

times myself

Are you ok though?

How's the stab wound?

I am seriously worried

about you

Also, I'm adopting you

Your part of my family


Next time you get hurt

Come straight to me

Awwww dad!

I'm flattered!

To answer your question,

yes. The stab wound is

healing well. I'm changing

your name to spider dad❤️



It's getting late, and you

probably have to actually

to to school tomorrow

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GN kid!❤️

GN dad!❤️


I settled in bed.

I know I've only been talking to spider dad for about six hours in all, but he really was like a father to me already.

I sat upright in bed.

I had just remembered that the stark industries internship field trip is on Friday!

In This field trip my grade and I are going to SI and MR. STARK HIMSELF is going to pick his next personal intern!

I hope I get it!

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