Masked Girl and Her Prince
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Masked Girl and Her Prince


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What is Masked Girl and Her Prince

Masked Girl and Her Prince is a popular web novel written by the author _Rain, covering FEMALE PROTAGONIST, ROMANCE, FANTASY, HIDDEN GEM, ACTION, SECRET IDENTITY, SWORD AND MAGIC, MAGIC-SWORD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 480.3K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 42 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 165 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Usui, crown prince of Sun Kingdom, is the most strongest prince in the kingdom. He gets pressured to get married, which eventually leads to him participate in the competiton for the hand of Princess Hazel , who is known as the Beauty of Crystal Kingdom. On reaching Crystal Kingdom, Usui came across a masked warrior girl who piqued his interest. On one hand, there's this Princess and the other, the masked girl. So who would he choose? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Usui: I could do things my way here. Author : But I am the one who's deciding your partner. Usui: Don't be like my mom. Author : ..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support: https://www.patreon.com/Rainny Disclaimer: The cover does not belong to me. Just edited it to suit my book ✨


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Oohhh another romance! I absolute love stories in this genre! You have a great concept and this is actually the first time I looking in through a male perspective. Anyway, good plot and love how this is going! Now the writing, I think you already off to a good start. It’s just pay attention to the text block. You have quite dense paragraphs there. Consider breaking it down. Grammar wise, mehh I don’t really care honestly! As long as I understand it who cares? Tehee Anyway, keep up the good work author! 😁


Will straightaway give five stars, from my stand point the book has potential also a newbie fellow writer here nonetheless I find this book specifically intriguing, the plot is catching and that damn cover I love it! Best of good luck Author.


Curious plot. Amazing flow and character development. Got me hooked and I'm waiting to read more. Grammar is done well and characters are very likeable. I'm a fan of the author other work, so I can only look forward to this adventure and enjoy reading it. Good luck author❤


The plot is interesting. The writing quality is good and the story is developing well. Character design is also developing well. The world background is also good. At present I have read only 5 chapters. Since only 7 Chapters have been published not much can be said but it is expected that the stability of updates will be equally good. All the best !


I'm not one to read romance novels often, but this is one that would be really good just to sit back and read with some extra time. The story is interesting from what I read and I like the characters and their interactions.


The story and concept is amazing. Everything about it is really good. Character description is clear and precise. I like thunder squad already and I wonder if Freya and Hazel are the same person. Let's see how Usai tackles the situation. Update the story regularly author. Other than some minute grammatical errors, no complaints so far. Keep up the good work author.


Woah . i love the story line . Ah the princess and the masked girl both have very exciting personalities . i think the romance will be promising . As only a few chapters are there so i am eager to read it more . The writing quality is nice . And lets see what happens . But until now is good . By the Way , Keep writing .


I loved this novel The novel cover is something else... i loved loved loved loved it. The novel is interesting... although it’s still early in the beginning but the narration and events are written so well I want to read more. Added to my library for sure and recommended


Curiouser curioser. Interesting plot you have here. From the few chapters I've read, already I can see so promise. Grammar could use some polish, but other than that, it's a good read. Might want to get the cheat sheet for words to use other than 'said' for more spice though. Good job 👍


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The novel had just started out, but I am loving it! The main characters are amazing and I am looking forward to more! Good job with the novel, author!


A romance story and i'm glad after reading the story is not one of the ''Cliche-plot'' of romance. The plot was good and reading it make us the reader more curious. It was a great to read and worth to wait.


I love the fact that the author is participating with the story, this is actually participating with the story, this is my first time with this kind of novel. you really did a good job thumbs up :)


Interesting plot and the character setting is good and clear. I like how you insert some real feelings onto the character, for example when the characters swear, it makes your characters look real. There are some slight mistakes in punctuation, but not a big deal.


Nice, like the storyline.... Just started it and its looking promising. A match for princes all around just to win her hand.......... Hehhhehehhhehee 👍👍👍 Good job author.


Dear beloved author thanks for the wonderful work well done and making us the reader as part of the team that develop these wonderful novel we appreciate your interactions with us. So far so good with the storyline but this time the attack of the demons was deadly


I’m thoroughly enjoying the Masked Girl and thr Prince. It’s totally different fron other stories i’ve read. While the lead male is the jealous type he shows his vulnerability. the lead female is a strong person bit she cares about pthers. Good resd.


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