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Mask of Snow


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After her father's death, Suo Xue never thought that she'd ever experience the feeling of betrayal; from her own blood, no less. Being tortured half to death and banished from the place she once called home, Suo Xue had lost her one purpose in life. She helplessly watched as her father's organization fell into the hands of her brother with the help of his followers. "Since they've thrown me to the streets to eat and sleep with cockroaches, I promise to live like one... and one day, when I've gathered enough strength, I'll make them all pay!" She wants to take revenge on everyone who hurt her... and when her brother, Su Bolin, is put into a coma, she sees her chance to take it all back. "From today on, I will live as Suo Bolin until I'm powerful enough to take back my previous identity... The shy and weak-hearted person I used to be is no more." ***** Suo Xue leaned in closer and stared into the man's eyes while giving him a flirtatious smile, "Handsome, wanna come with me and have some real fun?" "No matter how many times you ask me, I'm not going karaoking with you," he replied calmly while he fluidly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him, "..But I'd consider coming with you if we went to the arcade, instead," he whispered in her ear seductively. "Tsk," she sighed in defeat. She could never win with this man. ***** – Updates are random. – The cover art doesn't belong to me. – I hope you enjoy reading! \\(>u


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